Social Media Helped Cast These 10 KPop Idols.

There are a lot of different and creative methods that trainees might be recruited by the agencies that house KPop idols. The casting staff doesn’t just look for and locate gorgeous idol prospects on the streets; they also look for and find them through entertaining videos or images shared on social media.

In point of fact, after their performance videos are shared on social media, many K-pop idols receive messages seeking their services. They can also begin their training now in preparation for a successful debut in the future like we see now. Are you curious to know who is meant? Let’s have a peek!

1. Momo TWICE

After watching Momo’s video of her dancing on YouTube, JYP Entertainment reportedly expressed interest in contacting her. This information was provided by Koreaboo. Momo was given the opportunity to audition and ultimately was accepted as a trainee.

At that time, both she and her older sister tried out for the role, but only she was successful. She began her career with TWICE as the lead dancer after putting in a total of 3 years and 7 months of training.

2. Karina aespa

Karina stated on the SBS PowerFM programme in 2020 that the casting team from SM Entertainment offered her a role after viewing her social media accounts and deciding she would be a good fit. Before she made her debut, Karina was very active on Instagram, posting images of herself regularly.

Because she was contacted through a message on her own Instagram account, she first had some reservations about the legitimacy of the offer at that time. She was terrified of being lied to, yet it appears that’s how her career as a KPop idol got its start.

3. Minzy, formerly of 2NE1

Minzy revealed this information about her interaction with YG Entertainment on the programme Video Star in the year 2020. She stated that the company reached out to her after viewing a video of her dancing performance posted on social media. If she was interested in going to Seoul, the agency asked her to audition for the role.

In point of fact, Minzy was given an opportunity to audition for a role by SM Entertainment. But in the end, he decided that he wanted to sign with YG Entertainment.

4. Yonghwa CNBLUE

During the programme Making the Artist – CNBLUE in 2010, it was revealed that Yonghwa was the one who sparked the interest of the agency in recruiting him after showing them his headshot. Someone managed to submit a covert copy of their photograph to a discussion board that featured ulzzang. Not long after that, the agency made several attempts to get in touch with him or go see him at his school.

Yonghwa chose to disregard them because he was under the impression that the person who wanted to get in touch with him was a stalker. When Yonghwa found out that the person in question was part of the casting team, they were eventually able to clear up the confusion. The management company was able to get ready for Yonghwa’s debut with CNBLUE in a relatively short amount of time.

5. Tzuyu TWICE

After viewing her performance on YouTube, the casting team at JYP Entertainment got in touch with Tzuyu, according to Koreaboo. The moment that she danced in 2012 was captured on film by the school. The modelling agency is interested in her even though it is difficult to make out her face in the video they have seen.

Even if it meant travelling to Taiwan for the sole purpose of watching Tzuyu perform live, the casting team was game. After successfully clearing the exam, the maknae began their official training in South Korea. She has three years of training under her belt before making her debut with TWICE.

6. Ningning aespa

Ningning revealed during an appearance on the SBS PowerFM programme in the year 2020 that she had previously taken part in singing competitions in China. She discovered another piece of information, which was that the organisation had recruited her after watching a video of her from when she was still active with her actions in the past.

In spite of this, she was on the fence about accepting the offer, much like Karina. Because he was concerned that the message was nothing more than a hoax or an outright falsehood.

7. Kim Lip LOONA

In 2017, Kim Lip gave an interview to the publication Dazed, in which she discussed her experience prior to making her debut. It appears that he has participated in a number of auditions in an effort to find the appropriate agency. Unfortunately, it was difficult, which caused her to become exhausted while doing it.

In the end, Blockberry Creative reached out to him over Instagram direct message. He was given the opportunity to audition, which he ultimately succeeded in doing and became a trainee. He put in a lot of work in practise in order to make his debut, despite the fact that it was initially challenging for him to adjust.

8. Jinsoul LOONA

It was revealed that Kim Lip was not the only member recruited using Instagram in an interview with Dazed in 2017. the interview took place in 2017. Even Jinsoul went through something very similar. She had a lot of opportunities to audition and participate in street casting, but nothing ever worked out for her.

At some point in the future, Blockberry Creative reached out to Jinsoul over Instagram. Her accomplishments made her family very happy. The same can be said for her close friends, many of whom have been quite supportive of her ever since she made her debut.

9. Vivi LOONA

During an interview with International bnt in the year 2020, Vivi discussed her experiences of applying for and being accepted for a trainee programme in South Korea. It would appear that the agency became interested in getting in touch with her after viewing the images she posts on Instagram. She shared pictures from her vacation on several social media platforms.

Vivi’s knowledge of the training method is limited, but she has a strong passion for Korean pop music (KPop). She was determined to seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance. She knows how lucky she is, especially considering that she wants to become a singer.

10. Seungkwan SEVENTEEN

According to Koreaboo, Pledis Entertainment became aware of Seungkwan when he watched a video that his teacher had uploaded to the internet. His singing instructor took a recording of him competing in a singing competition and performing Big Mama’s “Kite.” His teacher decided to post it online so that she could see how other people responded.

After coming across the video, Pledis Entertainment wasted no time in signing Seungkwan to their roster. Before ultimately making his debut as a member of SEVENTEEN, the lead vocalist of the band had been in the training programme for three years and two months.

It would appear that the organisation does not want to squander the chance to fill its training programmes with exceptionally outstanding individuals. Those that are selected can make their debut like the K-pop idols shown above if they put in a lot of effort during the training time.

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