6 KPop Idols Apparently Auditioned Online

Online tryouts are frequently held by modelling agencies. Anyone can take part by simply demonstrating their talent through the submission of a video by email. The agency will get in touch with the candidate who was chosen to participate in the next step of the audition or to be forwarded immediately on if they are interested in doing so.

Even while most performers make their debut through in-person auditions, this does not mean that it is impossible for candidates to be chosen through online selection. The fact that the K-pop idols listed below were all discovered through online auditions demonstrates that it is possible to break into the industry via this route. Let’s have a peek!


In an interview with Weverse Magazine that took place in May of 2022, Kazuha discussed his time spent auditioning. According to him, a number of other auditions have been held online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. That gave her the courage to send a video of her talent to the agency to show off her skills.

Kazuha shared a video of him dancing to a rendition of BTS’s song “Dynamite,” as well as a clip of him dancing ballet. He thought that the dancing break in the song that his senior had performed was really fantastic. Before he started practising for his audition video, he watched BTS execute the dance, and he was immediately blown away by what he witnessed. After being accepted by HYBE Labels, she was given the chance to start out with LE SSERAFIM.


In an interview that took place in August 2022 with Rolling Stone India, Sriya revealed that she had shown her talent in a variety of films that she had sent to several companies online. At some point in time, her video attracted the interest of the agency D.R. Music. She was one of 4,000 people who tried out for the training programme in South Korea, but she came out on top.

In addition, it was discussed in an interview that took place in July 2022 with The Korea Herald that Sriya had performed a cover of BLACKSWAN’s song “Close To Me” for her audition. Her brother was the one who came up with the song idea. After getting ready for a month, he made his debut with BLACKSWAN to replace members who had left to join another band.

3. NCT Shotaro

According to Koreaboo, Shotaro is a famous idol who has had a passion for dancing ever since he was a young boy. His parents enrolled him at EXPG Studio, a well-known dance training centre in the city of Tokyo, Japan, and his parents sent him there. Because the instructor at EXPG Studio recognised the student’s potential as a dancer, he suggested that the student audition for SM Entertainment.

Despite this, Shotaro was required to perform in an audition. As a consequence of this, he forwarded an online video of himself dancing to the agency. It did not take SM Entertainment very long to reach out to him and welcome him as a trainee at their company. After the Japanese idol finished learning Korean, she became an official member of the agency.

4. Soobin TXT

Soobin was able to locate information regarding the HYBE Labels audition, as reported by Koreaboo. In addition to that, he used his mobile phone to take a recording of the moment he danced and then uploaded it to the agency’s website. Additionally, the TXT leader provided the agency with information about his contacts so that they might get in touch with him.

Two months passed while Soobin awaited a response from HYBE Labels. It seemed to him that all of his efforts were going to waste. However, the agency finally contacted him. They stated that it took a long time to find her because Soobin entered the wrong cell phone number in the email.

5. Young K DAY6

In the lead up to his audition for the Catching Up podcast in the year 2020, Young K talked about his time spent in school. It is believed that he spent the past four years studying and living in Canada. But after he did well at the JYP Entertainment audition and was offered a job as a trainee, he went back to South Korea.

Young K auditioned by posting his video online. While he was exploring the internet, he stumbled across an advertisement for an online audition by chance. JYP Entertainment got in touch with him and requested that he upload another video. Naturally, he complied with the request that was made.

A few months later, JYP Entertainment happened to be in Canada for a live audition at the same time, which was a complete coincidence. Young K was given the opportunity to participate in the final audition round and was asked to attend. The star, whose actual name is Kang Young Hyun, went back to South Korea after clearing the exam so that he could complete his traineeship there.

6. Yujin IVE

After going to an award ceremony with her close friends, it was at that moment that Yujin decided she wanted to pursue a career as an idol. After receiving approval from his mother, he started looking into other methods by which he might make his goal come true. In addition, he sent an email audition to Starship Entertainment, which they held.

Yujin has sent out an email containing a video of herself singing. Additionally, she attached a picture of herself. The leader of IVE was contacted by the agency and invited to come in person to demonstrate her talent. She tried out for the role in person, unlike everybody else.

Yujin demonstrated her talent in a variety of ways, including singing, dancing, and taking the camera test. Because the employees at the agency appeared to realise her talent, she was allowed to join the team at that time. In 2016, she was admitted formally into the trainee programme.

The K-pop idols mentioned above gained the attention of companies who wanted to work with them after fearlessly showcasing their talents through videos. Not only did they qualify as trainees, they also made their debut and pursued their professions with success.

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