8 KPop Idols Sparked Controversy by Visiting Nightclubs

Due to the numerous activities they participate in, K-pop idols might want other forms of entertainment. Spending time in a nightclub, bar, or restaurant is one technique to accomplish this goal. Not only that, but they can also invite their other idol pals to participate in the meeting.

On the other hand, these good intentions may result in unfavourable circumstances that lead to controversies. It is simply because what they do is not appropriate for some eras or circumstances. For example, some of the K-pop stars below have been caught on camera going to nightclubs and pubs, which has caused a stir among their fans and the general public.

1. Gyuri KARA

As a result of the fact that Gyuri KARA was observed travelling to a nightclub in Itaewon, Seoul, rumours began to circulate that she was engaged in a period of self-isolation. In spite of the fact that the COVID-19 test came back negative for what Gyuri did, the public continues to view his actions as scandalous and critical.

The reason for this is that Gyuri went to the club at a time when the administration in Seoul was trying to enforce social distance. Worse yet, she is known to dance on the dance floor of the club without any sort of disguise on her face.

Almost immediately, Gyuri’s management company issued a statement in the form of an official statement and stated that the musician had visited the club. According to what they said, Gyuri did not remove her mask at any point between the time she came and the time she left for home. Nevertheless, Gyuri also stated that she made a mistake when she took off the mask for almost twenty seconds before re-putting it on.

After Gyuri realised her error, she proceeded to immediately undertake tests and subject herself to independent isolation. Gyuri wrote a letter saying he was sorry for what happened and that he would learn from his mistakes and change in the future.

2. Mino WINNER

The Dispatch published a story on May 12, 2020, about Mino Winner giving a performance at a nightclub. After that, Mino’s actions were met with immediate backlash from the general public, since he had done them at a time when the regional government was trying to keep different groups apart.

As stated in a report by Dispatch, Mino reportedly visited a brand new club in the Yangyang neighbourhood of Gangwon Province. It was a complete surprise when he showed up at the club, but once he did, he instantly took the microphone and started singing his popular song “Fiance.”

The performance by Mino brought an unannounced audience into the club almost immediately after it began. It was also reported in the dispatch that the majority of the people in the throng wore masks on their chins but did not cover their noses or mouths.

In addition, YG Entertainment provided their response to the report. The agency has confirmed the matter and issued an apology for causing concern among a large number of people. They also assured me that they would advise Mino to be even more watchful in his adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines that were in effect.

3. Jungkook BTS

This time, Jungkook from BTS was the one who got himself involved in the incident. It was said that he had been spotted in the Itaewon neighbourhood of Seoul going to a club with ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo. A fan who claimed to have seen Jungkook and Cha Eun Woo in a club is the one who started the rumour and propagated it further.

Immediately, the rumour began to spread rapidly. In point of fact, Jungkook was subjected to instant criticism from both the general public and his detractors. BigHit Entertainment was also accused of covering up the fact. This is due to the fact that they did not issue any kind of formal statement before the information became widely shared on social media.

On May 14, the fan who was responsible for spreading the rumour said that it was nothing more than a hoax that he had dreamed up himself. Almost immediately, he put his apology in writing.

4. Mingyu SEVENTEEN, Cha Eun Woo ASTRO, Jungkook BTS, and Jaehyun NCT

The members of the group known as the 97 line are well-known within the K-pop community. A number of K-pop idols that debuted in 1997 were members of this group. The 97-line gang consisted of members such as Mingyu from SEVENTEEN, Cha Eun Woo from ASTRO, Jungkook from BTS, and Jaehyun from NCT.

The four of them were also dragged by Dispatch into the puddle of controversy that was visiting bars during the height of the COVID-19 controversy. According to the report from Dispatch, the four idols were spotted hanging out in the Itaewon neighbourhood on April 25 and April 26, 2020, where they visited one restaurant and two pubs.

In response to this, the four organisations that are responsible for Mingyu, Eun Woo, Jungkook, and Jaehyun made their formal responses as quickly as possible. They told everyone that the four K-pop idols got together and spent some time together. In the release, all four agencies apologised to the public for the trouble this caused.

5. The Wooseok PENTAGON and the Fromis 9

Most recently, it was Wooseok PENTAGON and four members of Fromis 9 who were targeted by scandalous accusations of going to a nightclub on August 17, 2022. These rumours have circulated since they were alleged to have attended the event. It all started when somebody sent a tweet on their account. According to him, he was in Hongdae when he saw the four members of Fromis 9.

They arrived at their destination by way of the club street and were greeted by Wooseok PENTAGON. Despite this, they kept their distance from one another as they made their way into the same club.

The followers simply could not believe it. On the other hand, Jisun Fromis 9 shared the outcomes of the photo booth on Weverse the following day. The clothing that they were wearing in the photo was consistent with the so-called “proof” that was going around on social media. It is common knowledge that the members of Saerom, Jisun, Chaeyoung, and Seoyeon make up the group.

On the same day, August 18, a statement was issued by Cube Entertainment claiming that the report of what had occurred to Wooseok was completely false. It has been established that Wooseok was not present at the location mentioned at that time. In point of fact, according to the agency, Wooseok has never communicated with or met Withis 9.

In a subsequent statement, Cube Entertainment clarified that the notion that the women in the shot were wearing similar clothing from the back was merely an assumption. Many online users promptly speculated that they were members of the Fromis 9 group.

Every public figure, even K-pop idols, will frequently have their actions scrutinised, particularly if such actions have a negative impact on their reputation. Of course, there is nothing wrong with people enjoying their own private lives if the circumstances are appropriate. There is nothing wrong with it.

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