11 KPop Groups Fans Say Agencies Mistreated

The majority of the time, entertainment agencies in Korea represent multiple K-pop artists. Despite the fact that they frequently echo a sense of family, there are some followers who believe certain groups feel abandoned.

Fans are frequently seen demonstrating because they believe that the agencies that represent their favourite stars and K-Pop groups are being unfair to them. Take, for instance, the 11 K-pop groups listed below.

1. EXO

It is commonly believed that SM Entertainment has not provided EXO with adequate support throughout their career. One of the new “proofs” is something that happened some time ago during the SMTOWN 2022: SMCU Express. Only a solitary stage was provided for the EXO members that were in attendance. Despite the fact that they arrived in perfect formation, there was no performance given by the collective unit.

Another thing that did not escape the notice of Sehun’s admirers was the fact that he was not present at the “family concert.” The event was held in South Korea, according to the @milkteus Twitter account, which also reported that filming of Sehun’s most recent drama had come to an end. Because of this, Sehun should also be able to show up at the event.

2. Red Velvet

Additionally, the hashtag #RedVelvet, which was poorly handled by SM Entertainment and temporarily trended on Twitter, was trending for a while. The concert of Red Velvet, which had been postponed, did not show its downstream again, which infuriated the fans.

It all started when NCT Dream’s concert, which had previously been cancelled and was renamed THE DREAM SHOW2-IN A DREAM, promptly announced the new date for when it would take place. Red Velvet’s concert, which was originally titled 2022 The ReVe Festival: Prologue, has been postponed, although SM Entertainment has not provided any guarantees on the new date. At that time, the Red Velvet concert had to be rescheduled since almost all of the band members had tested positive for COVID-19, with the exception of Wendy and Seulgi. As a direct result of this, people who have already bought tickets to see the show will get their money back.

3. GOT7

The fans of GOT7 believe that the members will benefit from a change of scenery brought on by the group’s exit from JYP Entertainment. because, according to them, JYPE was not adequately promoting GOT7’s music.

One illustration of this would be when GOT7 returned with a new mini album titled DYE as part of their comeback. GOT7 only counted one week of promotion for their album at that time. In point of fact, the typical promotion period for a comeback for a K-pop idol is between two and four weeks.


Once again, from JYPE. It is generally agreed that ITZY did not receive favourable treatment from the agency that Park Jin Young initially established. ITZY members almost never perform by themselves, even though they often perform as a group.

In addition, many fans believe that JYPE is unfairly targeting two members of ITZY, specifically Yuna and Chaeryeong, due to their affiliation with JYPE. It was brought to the attention of fans that Yuna was frequently dressed in revealing clothing, such as crop tops and short slacks. But Yuna’s stylist didn’t give her any extra underwear so that her body parts didn’t show too much when she was performing.


The breakup of NU’EST feels like a nightmare that fans have been anticipating for a long time. Even though the members of the band JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren don’t want it to come true, it appears that they have had another run-in with unfortunate circumstances.

In 2012, Pledis Entertainment made their debut with the first boy group, and that group was NU’EST. It is generally agreed that Pledis Entertainment did a poor job of promoting the group, despite the fact that the group’s debut was highly successful. This is shown by the fact that NU’EST doesn’t appear on music shows or help promote new music on TV shows.


PRISTIN is yet another Pledis Entertainment debut group that has been accused of receiving inappropriate treatment. Because of health concerns, Kyla had to leave PRISTIN, and ever since then, things have been in a constant state of upheaval.

After that, Kyulkyung, Nayoung, Eunwoo, Rena, and Roa came together to form a new sub-unit that they called PRISTIN V. Despite our best efforts, the sub-unit did not achieve victory. After that point, there was no more up-to-date information coming from the group. To everyone’s shock, Pledis Entertainment announced in 2019 that they would be disbanding the girl group.


On Twitter, people started talking about THE BOYZ again not too long ago. Because the group has been accused of being mistreated by fans again and again, IST Entertainment has denied the allegations. In point of fact, the protest included the sending of a large number of emails to the agency.

Fans included a litany of “proof” of IST Entertainment’s maltreatment of THE BOYZ in the body of the email that they sent. There are a lot of reasons for this, such as the lack of marketing on music shows during the comeback, the lack of breaks during the concert tour, and the fact that the members didn’t offer the fans any time off.

8. Gugudan

The same goes for NU’EST. What took place with Gugudan is comparable to a nightmare, the onset of which is only a matter of time away. because the organisation did not provide its members with a high level of service.

The most recent appearance by Gugudan was in 2018. Following that, the company published no more works until 2020, the year of its demise.Members independently post activity updates to their own personal Instagram accounts in order to keep one another informed of what’s going on.

9. Pentagon

It’s possible that you’re curious about whether or not Cube Entertainment was unfair to the Pentagon. The consensus among followers is that the answer is “yes.” The fans of Pentagon were ultimately angry with Cube Entertainment for a number of reasons, including the dearth of variety shows in which the members of the group starred and Yanan’s health issues.

Because of her health issues, Yanan had to take a break from her work. Despite this, Yanan’s absence has left a significant question mark for the rest of the universe. For this reason, Yanan was unable to attend some of her group’s comeback performances. Because of this, people think that Cube Entertainment is not good at taking care of the health needs of its performers.

Another issue that infuriates the universe to no less an extent is the fact that members of the Pentagon appear on competitions to survive rather than variety shows more frequently. They are aware that becoming a trainee or a contestant on a survival programme is not an easy thing to do, which is why they are interested. Due to the members’ tireless efforts, they will make their official debut as K-Pop idols if they are successful in winning survival.

10. CLC

In May of 2022, the CLC was formally dissolved. On the other hand, it would appear that certain admirers are no longer taken aback by the news. In point of fact, it’s possible that they will feel relieved if their idols are allowed to part ways with Cube Entertainment.

The reason for this is that Cube Entertainment has been accused of not properly looking over CLC. The evidence shows that CLC has not been making any efforts toward promotion or regular album releases. In an exclusive interview with the Hong Kong newspaper Mingpao, Elkie, who used to be a member of the CLC, also confirmed this.

Elkie also mentioned that CLC missed their chance to experience success. Because the song “La Vie en Rose,” which they were supposed to perform, was instead given to and performed by IZ*ONE, who had a lot more success with it.As a direct consequence of this, they were forced to be open to the idea of releasing the song “No” instead.

11. X1

For fans of Korean pop music who have been following the group’s members’ careers since they were in Produce X 101, the disbanding of X1 appears to be the greatest source of disappointment. This is because the group had to break up after the show that gave them their start found out about a scandal involving the manipulation of votes.

During the time that rumours concerning the manipulation of votes spread, there were no updates or the most recent news from members of X1. In point of fact, there were fans who spotted several of the band members out for a stroll in their own city. Because of this, they thought even more that Swing Entertainment had mistreated X1 before the scandal became public.

In point of fact, Swing Entertainment is not the only company that has been implicated in this scandal. It was also alleged that the initial agency that housed each individual member of X1 was complicit in the crime. This was driven home even further when the CEO of Swing Entertainment, Cho Yoo Myeong, stated that the member businesses had turned down X1’s request to join in the meeting. During that meeting, the continuation of X1’s activities was one of the topics that was considered. In the end, it was decided that X1 would no longer operate.

Fans have the potential to be one of the leading parties in the fight to defend their preferred K-pop group. Because of this, they are also willing to spend their time and effort protesting the agency’s treatment of their idols in the hopes that it may change its ways in the future. However, it is essential to keep in mind that agencies have complete authority over the artists under their management. As a result, agencies frequently do not want to listen to the protests, criticism, or ideas made by fans.

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