Join Our Team


Love K-pop and have a talent for writing? Sweet Sweet Kpop is looking for passionate K-pop fans to write fun articles from a fan’s perspective. Not only will you report on the facts, but add a special flair to the writing only a fan is capable of. If you’re fluent in English and love K-pop, that’s all we ask for!


 If you own a DSLR, have a knack for photography, and live in or near a hot concert spot, you fit our criteria for a photographer. We’re searching for active, passionate photographers to join our photography team. As a photographer, you’ll be representing Sweet Sweet Kpop at the concert stops and receiving media passes to shows. We’re mostly searching for photographers from or near Dallas/Houston, Chicago, New York, but anybody is free to apply!

Video Editor:

Like making fun K-pop vines? Have a nice video editor? If you’re passionate about video editing and want to help us edit fun video segments, fancams, interviews, and more, apply to be one of Sweet Sweet Kpop’s video editors!


Sweet Sweet Kpop is all about reaching out to fans and companies for expansion, so we’re in need of a marketing representative to do the job. If you’re professional, outgoing, and interested in gaining more experience with marketing, this is the position for you. You’ll be putting Sweet Sweet Kpop’s name out there and promoting us to wider audiences.

Social Media Blogger:

Always on social media and interested in an occupation as a social media blogger? If so, Sweet Sweet Kpop is interested in having you as a blogger. You will be updating our social media accounts with fun giveaway news, posts, and more!