Here’s What “It Boy” Mean in KPop

Are you a fan of Kpop but you have no idea what the term “it boy” means? Don’t be concerned! This word is frequently discussed on many social media platforms. However, very few people are aware of its actual significance. It is an odd-sounding English term since it combines two words that have nothing to do with one another.

Therefore, what exactly does “it boy” mean? The moniker “it guy” is given to certain K-pop idols either by their own followers or by the broader population of internet users. This time, rather than letting our curiosity get the best of us, IDN Times will provide a comprehensive review of what it implies. Let’s look at it together, shall we?

What exactly does it mean to say “boy”?

The term “it boy” is applied to Kpop stars who are considered to have “4D” or “four-dimensional” visuals and personalities, which can be translated as “unique and interesting.” Not only that, but the people who look up to idols with the nickname It Boy are typically the ones that set the trends and encourage those around them. If we were to oversimplify things, we could say that the term “it boy” refers to exceptionally popular and noteworthy Kpop idols.

Idols that are given the moniker “it boy” are typically those who are well-liked by the vast majority of fans and exude an extremely upbeat and optimistic vibe. This is also a nickname that can be given to celebrities who are talented in multiple areas and have a long list of noteworthy accomplishments and achievements.

A list of Kpop idols who have been given the moniker “it guy.”

The 24-year-old Jimin, who is a member of the boy band BTS, has risen to the top of the charts in South Korea, earning himself the moniker “it boy.” In point of fact, the main dancer for BTS has been given the moniker “Global It Boy.” In the survey measuring male idols’ perceptions of their own brands, Jimin was able to secure the first position and received 5.2 million votes.

With a total of 907,520 votes, V, or Taehyung BTS, claimed the position of runner-up. While this was going on, Sunoo ENHYPEN was in third place with 125,750 votes, while soloist Kim Jae-hwan was in fourth place with 109,380 votes.

Wei Kim Yohan came in sixth place with 30,080 votes, and Rocky AsTRO finished in fifth place with 67,660 votes. In addition, Lee Know Stray Kids are in seventh place with 28,160 votes, and Rowoon SF9 is in eighth place with 26,650 votes. Both of these bands are tied for eighth place.

That is the significance of the name “it boy,” as well as the long list of Kpop idols who have earned the moniker. Which of these biases do you enjoy the most and why?

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