10 KPop Songs About Getting over EX

Moving on after a breakup is frequently the most challenging aspect of a romantic relationship. Some people may be able to move on quickly, while others may find that it takes them years to get over a previous significant other.

This article from IDN Times will provide a synopsis of ten K-pop songs that are about the inability to move on. They might be able to help you get through the days while you try to forget about your lover. Let’s not waste time wondering about it and instead look at some reviews, shall we?

1. Fine – Taeyeon

The number one spot is held by Taeyeon and her single “Fine,” which was released in the year 2017. The lyrics, written by Michael Woods, depict the story of attempting to move on from the shadow of an ex that always appears in life. The song was composed by Michael Woods.

2. Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang

Then there is Taeyang’s song titled “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” which was written and performed by Taeyang. The lyrics of this song describe the emotion of yearning for another person. It is stated that the reason he wrote this song was because Min Hyorin, who is now his wife, was the source of his inspiration.

3. Ex – Stray Kids

The following song is also very depressing. The song “Ex,” often known as “ex,” which was made popular by Stray Kids, conveys the heartbreaking story of being abandoned by a former partner.

4. Ending Scene – IU

Following that, there is Soloist IU’s “Ending Scene,” which was published in 2017. The song “Ending Scene” narrates the story of a romance with a man of love that must end in the middle of the road due to circumstances beyond either party’s control. Just so you know, Kim Soohyun is featured in the music video for “Ending Scene.”

5. At Gwanghwamun – Kyuhyun Super Junior

Super Junior, not to be outdone, also recorded a song in 2014 about being unable to move on from a past relationship. In this song, Kyuhyun discusses how heartbreaking it may be when a love story comes to an unhappy conclusion. The phrase “at Gwanghwamun” refers to a location that holds a great deal of sentimental value for the couple.

6. Ghosting – TXT

The practise of ending communication with someone without providing an adequate explanation is referred to as “ghosting.” TXT describes his spouse as “ghosting” him in the song “Ghosting,” which refers to their disappearance and departure. For those of you who are being ghosted by your crush or lover, this song is absolutely ideal for you to listen to.

7. White Night – NCT 127

Additionally, in the year 2020, NCT 127 has made the song titled “White Night” available. This song shows how sad a person feels after a breakup he thinks of as a nightmare.

8. You Were Beautiful – DAY6

A song by Day6 named “You Were Beautiful” was released that same year (2017). The lyrics of this song discuss the concept of a pair that is so intertwined with one another that they are unable to separate the happy and sad memories of their love.

9. Missing You – BTOB

The song “Missing You” is the centrepiece of the studio album titled “Brother Act,” which was released in the year 2017. The Korean boy band BTOB interprets the words of their song “Missing You” as “My heart is still there, I still want you.” Who here can connect to this?

10. That Guy – Golden Child

The song “That Guy” by Golden Child comes in last, but it’s certainly not the least. This song, which was published in 2017, depicts the story of someone who still loves their former spouse and can’t forget them. Unfortunately, his ex-lover has moved on and is seeing someone else now.

It is not a simple affair to move on from a spouse that we have so much affection for. Despite this, there is no reason for you to wallow in misery any longer than necessary. Regardless of the circumstances, life must go on without stopping. These are some songs that can be interpreted as representing feelings that prevent one from going on. Let’s rekindle our enthusiasm, shall we?

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