BTS Surprises Super Fans On Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

As the kpop entertainment industry may know, popular seven member boy band, BTS are currently in the U.S. about to make their highly anticipated debut stage at the AMAs (American Music Awards) this Sunday at the Microsoft Theatre in LA!

Since their arrival on the 14th, the members of BTS have been busy as ever! Most recently, the boys have already recorded ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Tuesday, and just the day before yesterday, they dominated their outdoor mini concert at ‘Jimmel Kimmy LIVE’! It is also still unsure if the the boys of BTS will be recording in the studio w/the studio audience on Nov. 20th.

Meanwhile, check out the snippet from ‘Jimmel Kimmy LIVE’, when he introduces BTS + shares a clip where they gathered moms of fans who were excitedly waiting in line, and what happens after… make sure to check it out for yourself!

BTS is also set to record the Ellen Degeneres Show next Tuesday, Nov. 21st with the recording to air on the 27th. BTS has only been in the U.S. for a couple days, and already their schedule is tightly packed with recordings and rehearsals to attend! They’re set to be on multiple radio shows, so be sure to catch them when you can!

As the first ever K-pop group to have an album chart in the top 10 on the Billboard 200, BTS has definitely been dominating the music scene this year, as they were greeted by hundreds of fans at the LAX airport.

With a super busy schedule, we sure hope the boys do get some rest before their big U.S debut day on Sunday!


GOT7 Releases First Unit Teaser for “Turn Up”

After having wonderful reception in Japan, GOT7 have begun releasing teasers for their upcoming Japanese release Turn Up

In the new mini album, the members formed units with each other to create unique songs for different versions of the album. The first unit teaser features GOT7 members Jinyoung and Youngjae

The mini album is set to release on November 15, 2017. 

DAY6 Reveal Fandom Name!

After being a band since September 2015, DAY6 has finally announced the name of their fandom! During the voting poll that took place in the last couple days, fans were able to vote for their choice of the name—and here’s what they picked!

DAY6 fans will now be known as My Day

What a beautiful choice! The meaning of My Day is that DAY6 and fans are “each other’s precious ones that fill up each other’s day”. 

DAY6 just released their 1st full album SUNRISE yesterday, with the title track “I Smile”. 


“Show Me The Money 6” Confirms All Four Producer Teams!

Guess what TV show’s coming back soon?

The famous Korean rap survival show “Show Me The Money” is gearing up for their sixth season to air in just a few months! Luckily, fans don’t have to wait any more to find out who will be part of the four producer teams! MNET, the broadcasting channel, has already confirmed all four teams and I promise it’s not going to disappoint!

The first team confirmed is team Zico-Dean, we all know how close these two are especially since their formed the group Fanxychild. Unlike Zico who has already been a producer on the show (back in 2015 during SMTM’s season 4 alongside Paloalto), I’m excited to see how Dean will do since it’s his first year.

The second team confirmed is team Tiger JK-Bizzy, two legendary Korean rappers who have been in the game for multiple years now. They’re both signed to the label Jungle Entertainment and they’re part of the hip hop group MFBTY alongside Tiger JK‘s wife Yoon Mirae. They’re also part of a huge crew reuniting a lot of Korean rappers called The Movement Crew. This is their first year but I’m sure these two will bring a lot to the show especially since they have a lot experience.

The third team confirmed is team Dynamic Duo, another legendary hip hop duo who have been active since 2004. They’re under Amoeba Culture and just like Tiger JK and Bizzy, they’re also part of The Movement Crew. This is Dynamic Duo‘s first year as well but just like Tiger JK and Bizzy we can expect a lot!!

The fourth and last team that has been confirmed is team Dok2-Jay Park! The only producer team to have two members coming back on the show! As you probably all know, Dok2 is hip hop label 1LLIONAIRE‘s CEO alongside The Quiett while Jay Park is hip hop label AOMG‘s CEO. Both have been friends and collaborating together since Jay Park went solo, almost 7 years ago. Jay Park was on the show at the same time as Zico while this will be Dok2‘s third year, being on season 3 and 5. Another team with a lot of experience both in hip hop and on the show!

The auditions for “Show Me The Money 6” closed yesterday, April 16th, and were held in both Korea and New York as well as Los Angeles. As of right now, there’s been no specific dates announced as to when the show will air, just that it is set for mid 2017.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates! What do you think of the producer line up?


Mnet Asian Music Awards Announces Categories and Nominees

MAMA has finally announced the categories and nominees!

On the 29th of October 2016 KST, Korean TV channel Mnet, famous for hosting M! Countdown and one of the biggest annual award ceremony, Mnet Asian Music Awards, unveiled on their official SNS accounts, the categories and nominees for this years 2016 MAMA. A few weeks ago, the channel had announced the date, place and time of the ceremony, which had everyone hyped. Now, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite artist in each categories, so make sure to support them!

As a reminder, MAMA 2016 will take place at the AsiaWorld-Expo Arena in Hong Kong on the 2nd of December 2016 at 8PM KST. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite artist here!

Check out the categories and nominees for each categories below:

  • Best New Male Artist
    • Pentagon
    • KNK
    • Astro
    • SF9
    • NCT127
  • Best New Female Artist
    • WJSN
    • IOI
    • Bolbbalgan4
    • Gugudan
  • Best Male Group
    • SHINee
    • Block B
    • BTS
    • iKON
    • EXO
  • Best Female Group
    • Wonder Girls
    • G-FRIEND
    • Red Velvet
    • TWICE
  • Best Male Artist
    • Crush
    • Zico
    • Lim Chang Jung
    • PSY
    • Park Hyo Shin
  • Best Female Artist
    • Taeyeon
    • Jeong Eunji
    • Lee Hi
    • Ailee
    • Baek A Yeon
  • Best Music Video
    • Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely
    • BTS – Blood Sweat and Tears
    • Ga In – Carnival (The Last Day)
    • DΞΔN – Bonnie & Clyde
    • BLACKPINK – Whistle
  • Best OST
    • Jang Beom June – Reminiscence (Signal)
    • Lee Juck – Don’t Worry (Reply 1988)
    • Ben – Like A Dream (Another Miss Oh)
    • Davichi – This Love (Descendants of the Sun)
    • Gummy – Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)
  • Best Band Performance
    • Guckkasten – Pulse
    • FTISLAND – Take Me Now
    • DAY6 – Letting Go
    • CNBLUE – You’re so Fine
    • 10cm -What The Spring??
  • Best Rap Performance
    • Zico – I Am You, You Are Me
    • C Jamm & BewhY – Puzzle
    • San E & Mad Clown – Sour Grapes
    • Dok2 – 1llusion
    • Gary – Lonely Night
  • Best Collaboration
    • Eric Nam & Wendy – Spring Love
    • Suzy & Baekhyun – Dream
    • BoA & Beenzino – No Matter What
    • Park Kyung & Eunha – Inferiority Complex
    • MOBB – Hit Me
  • Best Vocal Performance Male
    • Crush – Don’t Forget
    • Jang Beom June – Fallen In Love (Only With You)
    • Lim Chang Jung – The Love That I Committed
    • Eric Nam – Good For You
    • DΞΔN – D (Half Moom)
  • Best Vocal Performance Female
    • Taeyeon – Rain
    • Jeong Eunji – Hopefully Sky
    • Ailee – If You
    • Yerin Baek – Across The Universe
    • Baek A Yeon – So-So
  • Best Vocal Performance Group
    • UrbanZakapa – I Don’t Love You
    • BTOB – Remember That
    • BEAST – Ribbon
    • MAMAMOO – You’re The Best
    • Davichi – Beside Me
  • Best Dance Performance Solo
    • Hyuna – How’s This?
    • Tiffany – I Just Wanna Dance
    • Taemin – Press Your Number
    • Jun Hyosung – Find Me
    • Luna – Free Somebody
  • Best Dance Performance Male Group
    • Seventeen – Pretty U
    • VIXX – Fantasy
    • BTS – Blood Sweat and Tears
    • MONSTA X – All In
    • GOT7 – Hard Carry
    • EXO – Monster
  • Best Dance Performance Female Group
    • G-FRIEND – Rough
    • SISTAR – I Like That
    • Red Velvet – Russian Roulette
    • TWICE – Cheer Up
    • AOA – Good Luck

Vote vote vote!!

Are you excited for MAMA2016? Make sure to stay tuned for more updates!


YG to Start Airing BLACKPINK TV Soon!

Great news for all the BLACKPINK fans!

A few days ago, YG Entertainment announced that its new and first girl group in seven years, BLACKPINK, will have their own variety show, BLACKPINK TV! Yeaaah! We knew it was coming since YG is the king of having his artists film TV vartery shows.

According to an inside source, the show started airing on the 25th of August 2016 through Naver. Through the show, fans will have the opportunity to get to know the girls better and have a sneak peak of what the girls’ daily life look like. They’ll showcase a more charming and natural image than the charismatic and fierce image they usually showcase on stage.

Are you excited for BLACKPINK TV?


BLACKPINK Get Their First Win on Inkiyago

Congrats to BLACKPINK!

On the 21st of August 2016, BLACKPINK performed for the second time on SBS’ “Inkiyago” with their debut songs “Boombayah” and “Whistle“. As a big surprise, the girls were nominated twice with both songs for first place, along with IOI‘s “Whatta Man“. The excitement isn’t finished yet though cause in addition to being the first girl group to have the faster #1 nomination after only two weeks since their debut, the girls won #1 place. Their first win since they debuted on the 8th of August 2016 with the album “Square One” including the songs “Boombayah” and “Whistle“. It’s A-MA-ZING!

Recently the girls made a second perfect all-kill with the song “Whistle” and became the first girl group to top the Billboard World Digital Songs chart with both their debut songs. They’re still keeping up with the charts!! Go girls!

You can check out the performances the girls gave today on “Inkiyago” below:

Just a few hours after their second debut stage, the girls released a small video thanking fans for their first win.

Check out the video below:

Are you happy the girls got their 1st win?