KCON UPDATES: Convention Tickets + Ticket Updates!

KLUB KCON and the Flower Boy Cafe tickets are already on sale! Flower Boy Cafe tickets will be $15 USD per session and each person is only allowed up to 2 sessions each. For KLUB KCON, it will be held on August 18th @ 6PM! Each ticket is $30 USD and will have an artist appearance from the 2017 KCON LA artist lineup!

Convention tickets are also on sale NOW! Attending the convention will allow you to see all the different booths, whether it be K-Beauty with popular YouTube artists like Edward Avila, Joan Kim, etc to Kpop related dance time, merchandise booths and more! You can grab your convention tickets here: http://www.kconusa.com/kcon-la-attend/

Convention Hours

Due to the high demand of fans wanting to attend KCON, they have finally announced that they will be posting more information soon on additional ticket sales for fans who didn’t have a chance to snag a ticket! More information will be posted once KCON has made an official announcement on when in early August, ticket sales will be released.


Additional information for will call tickets- tickets are available for pick up at the box office Mondays-Fridays from 10am- 6pm @ the Staples Center!

More updates to come x we will see you all there!


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TICKET SALES + SEATING CHARTS for Taeyang’s World Tour WHITE NIGHT 2017 in North America


KpopMe has finally announced the ticket sales AND the seating charts for each city! Ticket sales will take place on July, 25th, 2017 @ 12pm in YOUR respective city’s time! We will post the links for each city and the seating charts down below.

Prices in Toronto AND Vancouver will be in Canadian Dollars, whereas the rest of the cities in the U.S will already be in USD! Platinum ticket holders will gain access to soundcheck, early entry and a free poster. P1 ticket holders will gain early entry before P2 and P3.















Again, don’t forget ticket sales will be on sale ON the 25th of July AT 12PM IN YOUR CITY! We’ll be sure to see you all there & don’t forget to join the event page in the cities that you are attending on Facebook! ūüôā See you all soon!



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JJ Project Drops ‘Verse 2’ Comeback Schedule

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has come—after 5 years since their debut, JJ Project is officially making their comeback!  The GOT7 duo have set the comeback in works with the release of their full schedule ‘Verse 2’. 

JB and Jinyoung of JJ Project have recently expressed their excitement with their upcoming comeback. 

JJP will comeback on July 31 with the release of their album, music video, showcase, photo exhibition and photo essay. Fans are definitely esctatic about the return of the legendary duo!

BTS Dominates Billboard’s Poll for 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Every year K-pop is getting more than one step closer to taking over the music scene all around the world! As we get closer to the¬†2018 Super Bowl, of course everyone is curious about who will perform onstage for the annual Halftime Show. With popular groups like¬†BTS¬†hitting the States so much this year, it’s no wonder that fans and even¬†Billboard anticipate an unexpected appearance for this big event.

In¬†Billboard‘s voting poll for¬†Who Should Play 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show?¬†the hit K-pop group¬†BTS¬†dominate the poll with over 65% in votes!

This isn’t the first time¬†BTS¬†has shown their astounding presence to the American public. Recently, the group took home the¬†Top Social Artist Award¬†at the¬†2017 Billboard Music Awards, winning against stars like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. In addition, the boys even attended the awards show, making an appearance at the red carpet alongside artists such as¬†Celine Dion¬†and¬†Twenty One Pilots.

Remarkably, BTS has not only made their fans proud, but K-pop fans as well!


Check Out The Rock Version of Twice’s ‘TT’, ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ and ‘SIGNAL’!

On KBS¬†Music Bank‘s¬†First Half of 2017 Special, a long list of artists gathered to perform on the show—one of the performers included¬†JYP Entertainment‘s band¬†DAY6! For their performance, the members themselves went ahead and created their own rendition of¬†Twice‘s “TT”, “KNOCK KNOCK”, and “SIGNAL”. Check out their rock version of the hit songs!


Join ASTRO for a Member-Focused Ver. of ‘Baby’!

ASTRO¬†has come back with another special video for Arohas!¬†M2¬†released a close member-focused dance practice of¬†ASTRO‘s recent comeback “Baby”. You can easily watch the video on your phone or even your computer as well!

What a lovely song! As you can tell, the members had so much fun filming this for the fans. We hope to see more from ASTRO in their comeback for their mini-album Dream Part.01.

DAY6 Reveal Fandom Name!

After being a band since September 2015, DAY6 has finally announced the name of their fandom! During the voting poll that took place in the last couple days, fans were able to vote for their choice of the name—and here’s what they picked!

DAY6 fans will now be known as My Day

What a beautiful choice! The meaning of My Day is that DAY6 and fans are “each other’s precious ones that fill up each other’s day”. 

DAY6 just released their 1st full album SUNRISE yesterday, with the title track “I Smile”.