Did You Know? On This Day, These Songs Were Released…

Every day is a day worth celebrating for the release of new music from your favorite artists. On March 16, these tracks were dropped—from 2011 to 2017, check out what was released today!


“Before U Go” by TVXQ (2011)

As a part of the repackage of Keep Your Head Down, TVXQ included this sweet track along with 2 other songs. You can’t go wrong with some soothing vocals and slow-tempo beats.


“Still in Love” by CNBLUE (2012)

Take a step back to the young days of CNBLUE! During this time, the band had longer hair, showing off their full locks in a casual setting. Taking place in a recording studio, the members are seen in their natural character, laid-back and relaxed.


“I Am a Woman Too” by Minah of Girl’s Day (2015)

Now let’s talk about sexy and classy! Five years after the start of Girl’s DayMinah debuted as a soloist with her charming song “I Am a Woman Too”. Her honey voice will have you dancing to her silvery notes.


“Spring Again” by Cao Lu of FIESTAR, Yerin of GFriend, and Kisum (2017)

What’s spring without this lovely song? Cao Lu (FIESTAR), Yerin (GFriend), and Kisum come together with their track “Spring Again” this season. When your heart flutters just as the “flower petals [have been] blown away by the wind”, you can relate to the shared emotions from these girls!

These songs are only a few of what has been released on March 16 throughout the past couple of years. Did you listen to any of these songs released on this day?

Celebrate 4 Years With Ladies’ Code

On March 7, 2013, five girls from Polaris Entertainment gathered together to mark their debut with “Bad Girl“.

These girls were Ashley, RiSe, EunB, Sojung, and Zuny. Together, these group of girls went on as Ladies’ Code, performing songs including “Hate You“, “Pretty Pretty” and “Kiss Kiss“. After an unspeakable accident happened in September 2014, two members, EunB and RiSe, passed away within a couple of days. Thus the remaining members went on a hiatus, mending the void in their hearts and recovering from injuries.

From encouraging words to letters written by fans every day, the three members received much support and came back on February 24, 2016 with a mini-album featuring the title track, “Galaxy“. In addition, another mini-album was released later in October called Strang3r with the title track “The Rain“.

Together along with the strength from fans, the girls continue as a three-member group, overcoming obstacles and becoming the group that the members dreamed of. To Ladies’ Code and Lavelys all around, March 7, 2017 marks the 4th anniversary since the birth of the group.


To commemorate this day, the girls streamed on V Live, spending a day with Lavelys at the theme park, Lotte World, and even purchasing matching rings with their initials! Fans tuned in to watch the members ride on attractions such as the carousel, having a good time and treasuring the moment. Even now as the group climbs towards success, the members still think about EunB and RiSe and their dreams for Ladies’ Code.

BTS is Irresistibly Adorable in ‘Idol Arcade’

The boys of BTS are absolutely irresistible in recent clips from “Idol Arcade,” singing a “cute version” of “Spring Day” and showing their love for Pokemon plushies.

While members Jin, Suga, V, and Jungkook sing “Spring Day,” Jimin manages the camera, giving us hilarious and up-close shots of their playful antics.

In another “Idol Arcade” clip, they actually hit up the arcade, trying their luck at the claw machine.

idol arcade 1

Their fun, engaging personalities are bound to put a smile on your face!

BTS recently released “You Never Walk Alone,” a followup to their previous album, “Wings.” They’ve also dropped an MV for “Spring Day” and “Not Today,” both which different, yet equally appealing vibes.

You can watch BTS on “Idol Arcade” below. Which clip is your favorite?

“Spring Day” (Cute Version)

What If BTS Members Go To the Arcade?

What’s your K-Pop theme song?

Here’s something everyone is curious to know—what’s your K-pop theme song? You’re walking with your headphones in, ready to start the day, but you definitely need a track to play. If you’re still curious, take our quiz and find out what’s your K-pop theme song!


What results did you get? Post your results and share with us!

GOT7 Becomes the Next Group to Hit 100 Million Views on MV

Make way for the strong power of ahgases (IGOT7’s) because rising group, GOT7, have hit 100 million views on one of their music videos for the very first time! On March 6th (KST), GOT7‘s music video “Just Right” surpassed 100 million views.


The music video expresses a positive message, emphasizing that no matter the flaws, you’re always “Just Right”. The video has become widely popular around the world for its supportive words and charming members.


In addition to this achievement, GOT7 have also become the first boy group from JYPE to reach this milestone! As a way to celebrate and congratulate GOT7, fans across the world are bringing back the Just Right SELFIE PROJECT, which includes a selfie of the fan and their personal positive message to GOT7. After the release of “Just Right” in 2015, ahgases started the project, gaining worldwide recognition by GOT7 and even appearing in the Korean news.

KPOPME Hints for the Largest K-Fest to Hit Canada

The Canadian-based company, KPOPME, are already thinking ahead to the summer! On Twitter last night on February 28th (CST), the company hinted that the largest K-Fest yet will be coming to Canada this summer. Announcements will begin soon for more details about this major event.

For the time being, they’re looking for names to call this ultra K-Fest. What are your suggestions for the name?

EXO to Embark on ‘EXO’rDIUM’ Tour in North America

If you thought the recent string of concert announcements were over, it’s just been revealed that EXO will be embarking on their 2nd North American tour very soon!

MyMusicTaste, who previously managed EXO‘s widely-successful 2016 North American tour, posted a teaser image with the heading “EXOPLANET #3: The EXO’rDIUM in North America.”

The boys will be coming to North America for round two of their concert tour, stopping in Newark and Los Angeles this coming April.

No details have been released yet, so make sure to stay tuned for updates!

Are you ready to see EXO in concert?