SEVENTEEN Reveals Plans for ‘Seventeen Project’

SEVENTEEN has unveiled a blueprint for “Seventeen Project.

Seventeen Project Chapter 2” will revolve around the group’s 2nd album, “Al1,” and include projects from Seventeen’s leaders titled “New World,” “Before Al1” by Hip Hop Team, Performance Team, and Vocal Team.

Along with these special releases is a message reading, “Coming Soon, Seventeen Project Chapter 3.”

What are you most looking forward to?


iKON’s Bobby Will Make Sure You “Love and Fall” n Love With Him Through New Teaser

Dressed casually with his boyfriend plaid shirt with his white t-shirt hanging loosely, Bobby sure looks like he’s enjoying the last little bit of his summer with a bright and radiant teaser for us!

iKON’s Bobby will be releasing his first solo album late this month on the 14th, and his album will be titled “Love and Fall”. With this being his first solo album, it’s said that he’ll also have double title tracks, (“I Love You” and “Runaway”)  ready for us fans!

If you haven’t checked out his adorable teaser yet, you can catch the short teaser down below!

SEVENTEEN Drops Two Versions of ‘My I’ MV

Just a dark, empty room, a spotlight, and a white ribbon.

That is all the China line from SEVENTEEN needed to take our breaths away and make our hearts beat faster than their dance steps.

Because after a long wait, we finally got to see them take the spotlight to themselves and they completely Slayed the chance.

You can find both Versions in SEVENTEEN’s Official YouTube Channel.

Chinese Version Here

We have yet to see when are they dropping the Korean Version on the Official channel, but on the meantime, we can enjoy Jun and Ming Hao’s showcase of talent and ability.


JJ Project Makes Comeback After 5 Years!

It's been a long 5 years for both JJ Project and fans and the wait is officially over! JJ Project released their music video for "Tomorrow, Today" and the scenes are breath-taking.
JB and Jinyoung take a road trip together as they explore the direction they want to go. The serene scenery is absolutely astounding, and the aesthetic gives vibes perfect for summer.

The duo released an EP to accompany the music video, including 2 solo songs on the CD.

Monsta X reveals Teaser for Newton MV

Amidst their world tour, Monsta X showed a little bit more love towards their fans by releasing a teaser for the new MV Newton.

The teaser is different from their other concepts, which were darker and had a deeper story line, but this music video is more relaxed and brighter.

We see them having a fun summer while playing around and laughing.

You can watch the teaser here.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Releases Beautiful Cover “City of Stars”

The young and sassy maknae of MAMAMOO, Hwasa has released her own rendition of “City of Stars”! On July 23rd, it was a special day for Hwasa for it was her birthday!

To celebrate a wonderful day, she released a beautiful cover to soothe the hearts and the minds with her magnificent voice. In comparison to her usual sexy and quirky self, her cover was filled with her lovely voice, singing the tune in a much softer and sweet tone paired along with the ukulele.

What a wonderful gift from Hwasa to us for her birthday!

Happy Birthday again beautiful!

Be sure to check out her own version of “City of Stars” down below!


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Hyolyn Reveals Her Official YouTube Channel!

Former leader of SISTAR, Hyolyn has shared her official YouTube channel on SNS!


Through her own personal account on Instagram, Hyolyn has shared with us that she has now opened up her own and official YouTube channel where we can now listen to her covers and beautiful voice even more now! You can find her YouTube channel here or search up her name “xhyolynx official” on YouTube!

She posted that she has covered Heize’s ” Don’t Know You” so be sure to give her your support and check our her cover below and subscribe! We look forward to hearing more covers from her!


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