10 Red Velvet Tracks to Listen to in Celebration of their First U.S. Fanmeet

As Red Velvet gears up for their first ever fanmeet in the States, we’ve thrown together 10 delicious tracks to dive into if you’re unfamiliar with the group, or to jam to if you’re a seasoned Reveluv. Either way, you’ll be filled with “Joy” listening to this mix!

1. Bad Boy (The Perfect Red Velvet, 2018)

2. Russian Roulette (Russian Roulette, 2016)

3. Peek-A-Boo (Perfect Velvet, 2017)

4. Dumb Dumb (The Red, 2015)

5. Ice Cream Cake (Ice Cream Cake, 2015)

6. Zoo (The Perfect Summer, 2017)

7. My Second Date (Perfect Velvet, 2017)

8. Kingdom Come (Perfect Velvet, 2017)

9. Some Love (Russian Roulette, 2016)

10. Would U (Single, 2017)

Red Velvet’s fanmeet will take place in Chicago on April 29th. More info can be found here.


10 MVs Suited for the Spring Season

Spring is in the air, and so Sweet Sweet Kpop has prepared a refreshing playlist to get you in the mood for the season!

“Hide & Seek” by ASTRO

“Spring Day” by BTS

“Pretty U” by SEVENTEEN

“Me Gustas Tu” by GFRIEND

“Spring” by Roy Kim

“Liar Liar” by OH MY GIRL

“Yoohoo” by SECRET

“I” by Taeyeon

“Where Are You” by B.A.P

“I Don’t Know” by APINK

Which one is your favorite?

Get Ready to Party with B.A.P with this Playlist!

If you’re attending B.A.P‘s upcoming “Party Baby” World Tour, you’re going to need a playlist to get ready for it. We got you covered!

Here is a compilation of some of B.A.P‘s greatest songs, ranging from their hit title songs to their lesser-known and underappreciated tracks.

  1. “Feel So Good” (Carnival)
  2. “Young, Wild & Free” (Matrix)
  3. “Blind” (Matrix)
  4. “Go” (Carnival)
  5. “Walk” (NOIR)
  6. “I Guess I Need U” (NOIR)
  7. “Skydive” (NOIR)
  8. “S.N.S” (First Sensibility)
  9. “With You” (First Sensibility)
  10. “Excuse Me” (Badman)
  11. “Warrior” (Warrior)
  12. “Stop It” (Stop It)
  13. “Wake Me Up” (ROSE)

Check out the full playlist here…

B.A.P most recently came back with “ROSE,” with title song “Wake Me Up.” “Wake Me Up” has been gaining attention for its subtle, yet meaningful messages about society.

B.A.P‘s “Party Baby U.S. Boom!” is hosted by Powerhouse Live, who has recently brought B1A4 and BTS here.

To anyone attending the tour, have lots of fun!


Get Ready for ‘The Wings Tour’ with this BTS Playlist!

The Wings Tour” is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to get ready for the show! What better way to prepare yourself for it than with a playlist of some of their greatest songs?

Get ready for the amazing show with this set of songs, ranging from hits like “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” “Danger,” and “Run,” to tracks like “Look Here” and “Awake.”

The sold-out stops in the U.S. (Anaheim, Newark, and Chicago) are hosted by Powerhouse Live, who have recently also brought B1A4 for their “Four Nights in the U.S.” tour and are a leading organizer for Korean concerts in the United States.

Check out our playlist here.

  1. “Spring Day”
  2. “Not Today”
  3. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”
  4. “Awake”
  5. “Lie”
  6. “24/7=Heaven”
  7. “Danger”
  8. “Run”
  9. “Save Me”
  10. “Look Here”
  11. “Dope”
  12. “Fire”
  13. “BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer”
  14. “Butterfly”

Other Recommended Songs: “Blanket Kick,” “Outro: Propose,” “You Never Walk Alone,” “Let Me Know,” “Miss Right,” “I Like It,” “Crow Tit,” “Hold Me Tight,” “Stigma,” etc. (All their songs are great!)

(BTS Korean Discography: 2Cool 4Skool, O!RUL8,2?, Skool Luv Affair, Dark & Wild, HYYH Pt. 1, HYYH Pt. 2, Young Forever, Wings, You Never Walk Alone)

Which songs are you looking forward to seeing live?

Get Pumped for B1A4’s U.S. Tour

As many of us know, B1A4 is coming to the U.S. to meet their North American fans. Whether you are just getting into this group, or you simply want to get in the mood for the big day, these are a few songs you can add to your playlist for the next two weeks and beyond.

1. Beautiful Target – This song has a fun beat that you just can’t help but dance along to.

2. Lonely – If you are more into the sad, long-lost-love kind of ballads, this is the track for you.  

3. Tried To Walk – Although it is a sad track, the beat can make you enjoy a good dance.

4. O.K – With a rock style, this song will have you waiting for a confession, or expecting to confess yourself.

5. What’s Happening – With a perfect mixture of musical styles, this song explains the feelings that take over somebody’s heart whose significant other is cheating on them.

Although these are just 5 of B1A4’s amazing songs, there will definitely be more that you can jam to during their concerts! Enjoy yourselves BANA, and make lots of good memories.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, there’s still some available!


Sweet Sweet Kpop’s Top Korean Hip Hop Songs of 2016

2016 is over!

This past year was awesome with a lot of new Korean hip hop songs released. Artists, veterans as well as newbies, came back to release some of the best R&B and rap songs. I’m sure with such a wide range of genre you found at least one song you like~

Sweet Sweet Kpop has a lot of writers who love and listen to Korean hip hop. Since 2016 is coming to an end, we have decided to write an article about our favorite hip hop songs of this year. Make sure to check out our favorites and a special made Souncloud playlist with little bonuses below:

  • Okasian – “Underwater Bank”
  • Changmo – “Party”
  • Changmo – “Maestro”
  • Jay Park & Ugly Duck – “Put’Em Up”
  • C Jamm – “Ha”
  • BewhY – “Shalom”
  • Chancellor – “Murda”
  • Basick – “The Empty House”
  • Jay Park – “I Got This”
  • Crush – “Ooh Aah”
  • Dean – “Bonnie & Clyde”
  • Jessi – “Raise Your Heels”
  • Dok2 – “Future Flamme”
  • G. Soul – “Where Do We Go From Here”
  • Hoody – “Like You”
  • Zico, Dean & Crush – “Bermuda Triangle”
  • Dream Perfect Regime – “Eung Freestyle”
  • Sik-K – Alcohol

What are your favorite Korean hip hop songs of 2016? Let us know!

Sweet Sweet Kpop’s Best Music Videos of 2016

2016 was a great year for K-pop and K-Hip Hop, with tons of quirky, innovative, epic, breathtaking, and simply amazing music videos.

The writers at Sweet Sweet Kpop have teamed up to compile a list of some of our favorite MVs from this year! Check out the YouTube playlist below:

  • “Skydive” – B.A.P
  • “Blood, Sweat & Tears” – BTS
  • “Bermuda Triangle” – Zico ft. Crush & Dean
  • “Russian Roulette” – Red Velvet
  • “All In” – MONSTA X
  • “The Eye” – INFINITE
  • “Hard Carry” – GOT7
  • “Whatta Man (Good Man)” – I.O.I.
  • “TT” – Twice
  • “The 7th Sense” – NCT U
  • “Fxxk It” – BIGBANG
  • “Me Like Yuh” – Jay Park
  • “Ain’t No Party Like An AOMG Party” – Jay Park & Ugly Duck
  • “I’ll Be Your Man” – BTOB
  • “Hit Me” – MOBB
  • “Whistle” – BLACKPINK
  • “Why So Lonely” – Wonder Girls
  • “I Like That” – SISTAR
  • “Hate” – 4Minute
  • “Fly” – GOT7

Did your favorites make it to the list? If not, let us know which music video you liked the best!