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Save the Date: Tickets for SF9!

SubKulture Entertainment is bringing one of the top rookie groups to the U.S. for an unforgettable tour! Get your chance to meet FNC Entertainment’s boy group SF9!  Tickets for the 2017 SF9 Be My Fantasy in USA Tour go onsale October 14, 2017 at 10:00 AM (local venue’s time). The boys will be stopping by 3… Continue reading Save the Date: Tickets for SF9!

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K.A.R.D Makes Their Official Debut with ‘Hola Hola’

The wait is officially over for fans of K.A.R.D! The dominating co-ed group made their glorious official debut with the release of their new song "Hola Hola", which features their signature tropical sound. After dropping 3 singles as a part of a pre-debut project and gaining a large audience, without a doubt K.A.R.D has become… Continue reading K.A.R.D Makes Their Official Debut with ‘Hola Hola’

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K.A.R.D Drop Tracklist for ‘Hola Hola’

The anticipation is building up to K.A.R.D's official debut! The co-ed group dropped the tracklist for their first mini-album Hola Hola.  The mini-album will feature "Hola Hola" as the title track, along with their pre-debut singles and 2 new songs! In addition to the tracklist, K.A.R.D also released some fierce photos of Somi and J.Seph.… Continue reading K.A.R.D Drop Tracklist for ‘Hola Hola’

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K.A.R.D Announces 2nd US Tour!

Over the past couple months, rookie group K.A.R.D have been notably gaining much recognition for their charisma, sick music and on-point choreography. After completing their 1st US tour back in May, along with stopping by places in Brazil, K.A.R.D is back again for the next installment of their American tour---Wild KARD 2017 - The 1st… Continue reading K.A.R.D Announces 2nd US Tour!

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K.A.R.D Releases 1st Set of Debut Teasers

We've finally made it---Korea's current co-ed group K.A.R.D is finally making their debut on July 19, 2017! After 3 hit pre-debut singles including "Oh NaNa", "Don't Recall" and "Rumor", the group is officially spreading their wings and making their official debut. K.A.R.D began hyping up the fans with the release of B.M and Jiwoo's teaser photos, featuring their chic style for… Continue reading K.A.R.D Releases 1st Set of Debut Teasers

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Check Out The Secret KARD Ver. of “Rumor”!

K.A.R.D has done it again! They went ahead and dropped a surprise for their fans with the Secret KARD version of "Rumor". The special music video shows the members performing their most recent single "Rumor" on the Californian beach. They surely made the beach their own stage! What a neat performance!

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K.A.R.D Confirms July Debut + Tour Videos

The hot topic of K-pop today is K.A.R.D's highly anticipated official debut! After releasing 3 songs as part of a pre-debut project, the co-ed group is finally making their way to D-day for debut. K.A.R.D has been confirmed to make their official debut in July. The group wrapped up their North American Wild K.A.R.D tour last month, stopping… Continue reading K.A.R.D Confirms July Debut + Tour Videos

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Hunus Entertainment Presents New Girl Group 

After teasing the public with short videos of the members and a highlight medley, we finally got to meet the members of Elris. Karin, Hyeseong, Bella, Yukyung and Sohee, showing off their charms in their debut MV teaser entitled "WE, first." Click here to watch their teaser and show this new girl group some love and support.

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H.U.B Announces 1st US Tour!

New Planet Entertainment's girl group H.U.B has announced their 1st US tour! Brought to you by Kaja Events, the girls of H.U.B will stop by 4 cities from June to July. H.U.B will stop by Miami on June 30, Atlanta on July 1, Minneapolis on July 6, and New Jersey on July 8. In addition, this will… Continue reading H.U.B Announces 1st US Tour!

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A.C.E Debuts With Exhilarating “Cactus” MV

After a much anticipated wait from fans, the Beat Interactive's new boy group A.C.E has finally made their debut with "Cactus"---and this debut is a pretty exhilarating one! The music video for "Cactus" captures the energetic and exciting side of the members of A.C.E, taking the viewer in for a ride. A.C.E consists of 5 members---Jun, Dong Hun, Wow, Jason, and Chan. Their… Continue reading A.C.E Debuts With Exhilarating “Cactus” MV