TWICE Says ‘Knock Knock’ in Comeback MV

TWICE is finally back to set trends with their new track, “Knock Knock!”

“Knock Knock” is playful and lighthearted, with references to their previous MV and providing a conclusion to their “TWICEcoaster” series.

“Knock Knock” is the title song of the girls’ album, “TWICEcoaster: Lane 2,” the followup to their smash-hit with “TT.”

BTS Surpasses New Heights in Epic ‘Not Today’ MV

BTS always impresses with their releases, and the official MV for “Not Today” is no exception!

Opposed to the emotional “Spring Day,” “Not Today” takes an intense, epic turn, with hard-hitting choreography, invigorating beat, and dynamic aesthetic.

“Not Today” is one of the four new songs included in the followup album to “WINGS,” titled “You Never Walk Alone.

The group recently surpassed a milestone with “Spring Day” and continue to be influential figures in the international music industry.

Check out the intense MV below, and share your favorite moments with us!

Relive the Good Times in DEAN’s “넘어와 (Beyond)” MV

After finishing up a livestream through his V-Live channel, DEAN‘s new single, limbo, dropped at midnight on February 17 (KST). This single features the title track, “넘어와 (Beyond)”, with vocals from Baek Yerin, along with another track, “불청객 (Invisible)”.

He also released a music video for the title track, the setting taking place in a dream. DEAN described during his V-Live stream that the song is about “reliving the good memories, entering the dream like an intro” followed by an “outro”. The song begins with the man entering his dream “into the good memories of his relationship, reminiscing but knowing he shouldn’t”.

Upon release, “넘어와 (Beyond)” charted at #1 on various music charts including Genie, Naver, Mnet and olleh, along with charting at #3 on Melon. “불청객 (Invisible)” also charted right behind it as well.

DEAN reassured that he’ll definitely have a full album release this year, including a tour. Let’s look forward to more music from him!

K.A.R.D’s “Don’t Recall” MV Hits 1 Million Views in 12 Hours

K.A.R.D‘s rising popularity has appeared to be no joke since their first single; it shows especially for their newly released “Don’t Recall” music video.

In just 12 hours, the music video for “Don’t Recall” has hit over 1 million views! BM of K.A.R.D excitedly expressed his happiness for reaching this high amount of views.


In addition, a music video making has been released for fellow fans to get a sneak peek  at K.A.R.D‘s behind-the-scenes.

The support for the co-ed group continues to rise after gaining more attention for their music. If you haven’t seen the music video, check it out for yourself!

K.A.R.D’s Drops “Don’t Recall” MV and Trends #1 Worldwide

K.A.R.D has come back with another sick track, “Don’t Recall”! This track is a part of their new single, Project Vol. 2 ‘Don’t Recall’. 

The music video features aesthetic scenes, visually appealing with the nice arrange of colors. Check it out!

As soon as the music video was released, #KARDDontRecall trended on Twitter worldwide! In addition, the music video has already gained over 120k views in less than 3 hours. It seems many fans around the world were looking forward to the release of this new track.

Another track, “Don’t Recall (Hidden Ver.)” will be a part of the single as well. What did you think of the new song?

BTS “Spring Day” MV Dropped And Surpassed 3 Million Views

The day has finally come for all ARMY—BTS dropped their music video for their song, “Spring Day”. In fact, in just 6.5 hours, the music video has already garnered about 3 million views!

The music video takes place on a train, starting with an abundance of snow at the first train station; throughout the video, the colors become warmer, ending the video with melting snow ready for the spring. Although the apparent vibrancy is warm, the lyrics depict aching words.

Many fans greatly anticipated the release of the “Spring Day” music video, giving the teaser over 6 million views by itself! In addition, immediately upon release, the song received an all kill on the music charts.

The music video for “Not Today” will be released on February 20th worldwide. What did you think of the music video?

NCT Dream Makes Comeback with ‘My First and Last’

The boys of NCT Dream are back with a new MV!

They show a different compared to their fun and innocent debut with “Chewing Gum.” Although still youthful and boyish, it’s a refreshing turn from their last release.

The song is about a boy who wants his first love to be his last, hence the title of the track.

This is part of their comeback with their 2nd album, “My First and Last.”

Check it out below!