MONSTA X Makes Brilliant Comeback with ‘Beautiful’ (+Album Review)

MONSTA X has delivered a brilliant album and MV to us for their comeback!

The MV features stunning, visually striking scenes and elegant choreography fitting for the title “Beautiful.” They truly serve us a beautiful piece, with a masterful blend of music and story that leave us with lingering questions and a desire for more.

The group just released their first studio-length album, “The Clan 2.5 Beautiful,” which consists of 10 tracks, many of which were created by the members themselves. As per usual, they weave their individual flairs into the composition of the album, creating a memorable and well-balanced masterpiece.

Here’s a review of each of the album’s 10 tracks! (This may or may be coming from a hardcore Monbebe. You can be the judge of that!)

  1. Ready or Not
    This is the epitome of what I expect to hear from MONSTA X. It captivated me as soon as I heard the album highlight, and as expected, it doesn’t disappoint! It’s powerful, invigorating, and makes you feel motivated to tackle any obstacles you encounter. It’s nice to see ESBEE and STEREO14 in the credits for the song, as they’ve created many of MONSTA X‘s greatest songs.
  2. Beautiful (*TITLE)
    “Beautiful” is a masterpiece from its opening to its grand finish. It has an opening that pops (literally) and draws you into a powerful rap verse from Jooheon, followed by I.M. This song has MONSTA X‘s signature synth sound, blended with emotional vocals and unique music elements. Another great note is that Hyungwon received more lines this time around, enriching the overall dynamic of the track and making it memorable.
  3. Incomparable
    Of all the songs on the album, “Incomparable” is one of my least favorites–but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of greatness. Those great parts include more lines for Minhyuk and the rap portion towards the end.
  4. Need U
    “Need U” is just one of those songs that stick in your head the minute you listen to it. It’s sweet and bound to boost both your self esteem and lighten your mood. It’s a song you can imagine them singing on a small stage in a cafe or fanmeeting, one that has a personal and affectionate feeling to it. I’m a big fan of this song and would love to see more of this from the group in the future!
  5. OI
    I’m in love with this song. It’s a great blend of vocals and rap, creating an energizing and memorable dance track. When discussing this song, we can’t forget to mention I.M‘s rap, because it’s amazing. Can we talk also talk about the beat of this song? It’s absolutely addicting, especially when it comes to the repetitive chorus, “OI OI OI OI OI.” This track definitely tops in my list of favorites from this album.
  6. Miss You
    “Miss You” is an R&B track with beautiful vocals and a memorable chorus. What’s extraordinary about this song are the impressive background vocals, which enhance the airiness of the overall track. Although it’s not my favorite song, it’s definitely a soothing listen and appeals to those who prefer slower song.
  7. Calm Down
    Anybody can get lit to this song. It’s a perfect party song, with a heavy bass and epic buildup to the chorus, which is both catchy and hard-hitting. Even though the title is “Calm Down,” the song is way too exciting to be calm about. Jooheon‘s rap following the first chorus is bound to blow your mind (in a great way). The strong rap reminds me of “Stuck” from “The Clan Part.1 LOST.”
  8. All I Do
    This is my least favorite track in the album, but it provides a refreshing twist to the usual music style MONSTA X has. It’s a groovy, smooth song with its climax at a rap sequence between Jooheon and I.M. Despite its smooth progression, it doesn’t leave a lasting impression on me like the other songs do.
  9. 5:14 (Last Page)
    Although I’m not the biggest fan of the transition of the opening to the vocals, it provides a unique twist to the linear progression of the previous tracks. This song is sweet and soothing, the perfect way to conclude the otherwise fast-paced album. This song grows on you the more you listen to it, and every time you listen to it, you feel like you’re hearing it again for the first time.
  10. I’ll Be There
    I was thrilled to have more of Wonho‘s work included in the album, and “I’ll Be There” doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. It’s a sweet and touching song, with vocals that are guaranteed to make you melt! The music gives the vibe of innocence and lightheartedness, the gentle vocals only adding to its soothing effect.

Overall, “The Clan 2.5 Beautiful” was exactly what I wanted–and more. It’s a reflection of the group’s flexibility with various music styles, while also showcasing a consistency in their individual music style.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us on the comeback in the comments!

GOT7 Gets Fierce in “Never Ever” MV 

These long weeks for ahgases (IGOT7s) have led to the final release for GOT7‘s trilogy, Flight Log. At 12:30 PM on March 13th (KST), GOT7 dropped their highly anticipated new music video for “Never Ever”!

In the music video, each member has more solo scenes unlike before. Each scene allows the member to portray their side of the story on GOT7‘s Jinyoung—the isolation from the members, and wanting to be saved from time to time. The intensity brings back some of the vehemence felt from their “If You Do” era; however, instead they choose to “never ever let you go“.

The colors of the music video tune in just in time for the spring, exhibiting an attractive aesthetic that’s appealing to the eye.

Jinyoung can be seen enclosed in a glass cage surrounded by plants throughout the video, perhaps held back by overwhelming feelings and thoughts. Furthermore, a blue-ish green bird is also found in the beginning of the video, surrounded by plants as well. Thus the bird may be a representation of the member who seeks to escape and be saved.

Constantly throughout the music video, Jinyoung or the members are somehow around each other, but not aware of it. This could indicate them watching over each other, especially during times of trouble.

Beforehand, GOT7 eagerly braced themselves for the release of “Never Ever” with a countdown on V Live. Although Jackson was absent during the countdown, the members kept on with full strength for the missing member.

GOT7 praying


The song “Never Ever” charted at #2 on Genie and Mnet, and #3 on Bugs. The excitement for GOT7 has been felt all around the world with #GOT7_NeverEver_정오공개 trending #1 Worldwide, including top trending in 9 countries.

GOT7 Drops Breathtaking Comeback Trailer and Album Track List

“i will never ever give up” were the words that caught the attention of many during the premiere of the trailer. The steadily rising group, GOT7, dropped a breathtaking trailer for their upcoming March comeback. The album Flight Log: Arrival will complete the Flight Log trilogy, following up on the scenes from the past music videos in “Hard Carry” and “Fly”.

The trailer follows Jinyoung through his contemplation and pondering thoughts after GOT7‘s Departure and Turbulence. Beautiful shots of the beach, including scenes with abundance of snow are shown throughout the video, taking the viewer on a journey with the member. Words were not even audibly spoken to display the message of helplessness felt from the lost member—in fact, a silent typed monologue created this feeling. The power in these moments exhibited a roller-coaster of emotions, taking hold of love, joy, regret, and anguish. The trailer proved that a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Following the release of the trailer, the track list for the album was also revealed! Once again, the members actively participated in composing and writing the songs for the album. The title track will be “Never Ever”, composed by JYP, earattack, and more.

Relive the Good Times in DEAN’s “넘어와 (Beyond)” MV

After finishing up a livestream through his V-Live channel, DEAN‘s new single, limbo, dropped at midnight on February 17 (KST). This single features the title track, “넘어와 (Beyond)”, with vocals from Baek Yerin, along with another track, “불청객 (Invisible)”.

He also released a music video for the title track, the setting taking place in a dream. DEAN described during his V-Live stream that the song is about “reliving the good memories, entering the dream like an intro” followed by an “outro”. The song begins with the man entering his dream “into the good memories of his relationship, reminiscing but knowing he shouldn’t”.

Upon release, “넘어와 (Beyond)” charted at #1 on various music charts including Genie, Naver, Mnet and olleh, along with charting at #3 on Melon. “불청객 (Invisible)” also charted right behind it as well.

DEAN reassured that he’ll definitely have a full album release this year, including a tour. Let’s look forward to more music from him!

DAY6 Drops MV for “You Were Beautiful”

It’s time for DAY6‘s monthly comeback! This comeback features two songs, “You Were Beautiful” and “My Day” for their single, Every DAY6 February. In addition, a music video was released for the title track, “You Were Beautiful”, starring the actress and actor from their debut music video, “Congratulations“.

The music video picks up from the story in “Congratulations”, with the girl looking back at memories she had with her past boyfriend. Despite her smile carried on throughout the video, the song exudes a melancholic feeling that comes from reminiscing the past, whether happy or sad.

A remarkable thing about the song was that certain members sang at a different note/range than they usually sing at, experimenting with their own sounds. Nevertheless, their new music continues to bring forth more appreciation as they expand themselves. What are your thoughts about the music video?

DAY6 Comebacks With “I Wait” Music Video

The wait is finally over for DAY6 fans—the boys officially dropped their music video for their title track “I Wait“! After much anticipation, they have shown never before seen colors different from their past music. 

The title track features a stronger rock sound than ever before accompanied with various lengths of synth waves to compliment the beat. Apparent beats of the drums highlight the rhythm of the song, leading up to the vibrant chorus. The attractive visuals of the music video appeal to the audience with a trippy aesthetic flowing through the city to emphasize the rush felt throughout the song. By the end of the song, you’ll find yourself rocking your head to the beat! 

The title track “I Wait” was released along with “겨올이 간다 (It’s Winter)” in their new single, Every DAY6 January. The band will have their first concert this year on February 4th and 5th, followed by new music released on February 6th

BLACKPINK Debuts with the Music Videos for “Boombayah” and “Whistle”

BLACKPINK is here!! Finally!

YG Entertainment’s first girl group in seven years has finally come to the light! The girl group for which YG has been teasing us with for four years has debuted! I can’t believe it!

On the 8th of August 2016 at 8PM KST, BLACKPINK, a four member girl group composed of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose, debuted with two singles, entitled “Boombayah” and “Whistle“. The music videos for both singles were released on BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube channel on the same day and boy… you won’t believe your eyes. Are they truly rookies?

Check out both music videos below and please, don’t forget to support the new girls~

BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”

The song has an EDM beat and starts off with what most of us thought would be the name of a track “BLACKPINK in your area”. Although the music video is super colorful with a lot of pink everywhere, there’s still a dark atmosphere making it look badass. The chorus is really not what I thought it would be, but it’s ok because it’s actually better. It sounds good and it’s super catchy, you’ll definitely start singing it after your first listen. As for the girls, I really have nothing to say except… they are perfect. The rapping and singing is on point, and we can definitely see they have trained for a long time and the dance parts are… AMAZING. They are really talented just like YG had said. You sure won’t be disappointed!

BLACKPINK – “Whistle”

The beat for this song is a lot more heavy; it sounds more hip hop than the previous one. This music video also has a lot of pink, but the girls are making it look black and badass with their charisma and moves. It really looks like what YG had said earlier with the girls showcasing pink, not as a cute color, but something dark and black. The car scene where the girls are all in looking at the camera really looks like the car scene that was in IKON’s MV “Dumb&Dumber”. It’s a really nice scene with nice colors and you get to see closeups of the girls beautiful faces. Both MV’s are really artistic and original, so it’s nice to see something different. The bridge part is amazing and just for this part of the song it’s worth watching! I’ll let you imagine what the rest sounds like **

I really like the fact that none of the girls seemed to be cast aside. They all have a fair amount of lines, which is not given to all groups. They really have a unique and original concept that will surely make them stand out! Please support them as much as you can.

As revealed previously through reports and other sources, the girls will continue to promote and release new songs until the end of the year. Their debut showcase will be on the 14th of August, so make sure to support and maybe give the girls their first win. Who knows? 😉

What do you think of YG’s first girl group in 7 years? Did they meet your expectations? Which song/MV did you prefer?