2NE1 Releases Farewell Song “Goodbye” for Fans and Former Member Minzy

2NE1 has released their last song as a whole~

On the 21st of January 2017 KST, YG Entertainment‘s first girl group, 2NE1, posted on their official YouTube channel what’s probably going to be their last video altogether, the farewell song “Goodbye“. Earlier in 2016, the youngest of the four members, Minzy, left the group and had fans still hoping for a 2NE1 comeback. Unfortunately, YG’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk announced in November 2016 that the group would disband after 7 years of releasing amazing hit songs.

The song “Goodbye” is definitely not the comeback fans expected but it is surely a song that will stay in BLACKJACKs‘ hearts and will leave hope for a possible reunion of 2NE1 in the future. The black and white music video is quite nostalgic as we see the members walking through past memories back when they had just debuted and were still a four memeber group.

According to 2NE1′s former leader, CL, the song was originally written as a goodbye letter to Minzy. She readjusted the lyrics so that “Goodbye” be a farewell for both Minzy and the fans.

Make sure to check out the music video for “Goodbye” below:

This is a sad moment for BLAKCJACKs but hopefully we will get to see the girls again as solo singers or actresses. Keep supporting them and stay tuned for more updates about their future solo activities!

MONSTA X Announces Comeback Plans

Fans of MONSTA X are in for a treat!

The boys announced they will be coming back very soon with the followup to their “The Clan” series!

Rumors state they will be releasing a full album in February to conclude their series, but no concrete details have yet been released.

The group most recently released their 4th mini album, “The Clan Part 2 Guilty” with title song “Fighter.”

They also currently star in their own reality program, “Monsta X-Ray.”

Hyorin (Hyolyn) of SISTAR to Hold Her First Ever Concert!

Fans of SISTAR better be preparing themselves as leader Hyolyn will be hosting her first ever U.S. concert!

Starship Entertainment has teamed up with Transparent Agency to host Hyolyn’s two stop concert in the U.S.- New York and L.A. It’s said that she will be having her concerts in the middle of March, but there has been no official announcements from both parties yet.

Tickets will be announced very soon as both concert tickets will be limited! There will be Meet & Greet, Pre-sale and early bird tickets available later on when the agency has announced the pre-sales.

Visit more Transparent Agency’s website (here) for more information & subscribe to them to receive the latest news of Hyolyn’s 1st ever U.S. concerts!


Rain Gives “The Best Present” in His New MV

Prepare youselves for what everyone has been waiting for… Rain is back and better than ever! His long awaited comeback after almost 3 years has been delivered with his new music video, “The Best Present“.


After much anticipation, the start of 2017 has been gifted the absolute best present from him! Produced by popular K-pop singer/songwriter PSY, this heartfelt ballad allowed Rain to express his feelings for his newly wed wife, Kim Tae Hee, whom he married recently on January 19. After being together for about 5 years, Rain tied the knot with the actress by having a private wedding for the lovely couple.

With his dancing as smooth as his words, the king of K-pop has impressed us again with his elegant comeback!

KCON Announces First KCON Mexico & First Artist to Join Concert Line-Up

To all our Mexican K-pop followers, I hope you’re ready for the biggest news of the year!

A few days ago, KCON, the widely known Hallyu festival, announced that this year they’ll be hosting for the first time a KCON MEXICO. Yes! A KCON MEXICO! It will take place at the Mexico City Arena from March 17th to 18th 2017. You’ll have the opportunity to encounter your favorite Kpop stars, participate in interactive workshops and countless booths of fun!

In addition to this big news, they also announced the first artist to join the concert line-up, and to the delight of fans, it’s none other than MONSTA X! For the first time MONSTA X will go to Mexico to perform at the first KCON MEXICO. Isn’t that exciting??

Make sure to stay tuned for more information on KCON MEXICO and also KCON USA and the lineups!

Seohyun Makes Stunning Solo Debut with ‘Don’t Say No’

The wait is officially over for Seohyun‘s solo debut!

Sure enough, this queen doesn’t disappoint. “Don’t Say No” is a catchy, pop R&B song that does well to showcase the dynamics of Seohyun‘s voice.

On the other hand, the MV is also amazing, with stunning costumes and sets, along with aesthetically-pleasing colors that suit the theme of the song.

“Don’t Say No” is the title track of her first 7-track solo album of the same name. Seohyun participated in the creation of the 6 other songs on the album, so make sure to check it out!

GOT7’s Dating Ban Has Been Lifted

Today has finally arrive for GOT7! On this day, January 16th, will be GOT7’s 3 year anniversary since their debut in 2014. Since the beginning of their debut, GOT7 made a promise to themselves that they wouldn’t date until at least 3 years after their debut. Although the 3-year dating ban is not an official rule within JYPE, it’s advised to not get involved in dating until a couple years have passed in order for the group to focus on their music. And throughout these 3 years, every member has maintained their single status!

When asked about dating, Jackson firmly declared, “I have no plans to date now. Because I can’t even take care of myself, how do I take care of someone else?” He emphasized the focus on his stability by reaffirming “when I am able to do that, I’ll date on my own.”

With the date already arrived, fans are relieved that the members will no longer be restricted and will be allowed a chance at finding happiness for themselves. With this in mind, many are rooting for them as they celebrate their 3 years together with a newfound freedom. Let’s hope they are able to find more happiness in the years to come!