EXO’s Suho to Play Male Lead in New MBC Drama

Great news for all the EXO-L’s and fans of Suho!

On the 15th of August 2016, SM Entertainment confirmed that EXO‘s Suho has been cast as the main male lead for MBC‘s upcoming drama. Entitled “Stars In The Universe“, the drama will be directed by PD Kim Ji Hyun, who is well known and earned fame for his drama last year, “Splash Splash Love“.

Sources working on the drama revealed that they will wrap up the casting at the end of August and will start filming “Stars In The Universe” at the beginning of September.

Meanwhile, Suho just recently starred in the movie “Glory Day“, through which he proved his acting skills. Hopefully we will get to see more through this upcoming drama!

Are you excited for Suho’s upcoming role?

[KCON2016] KCON Reveals More Information on the Conventions!

Great news for all KCONers! New updates on the conventions have been revealed!

On the 16th of June 2016, KCON USA revealed on their official Twitter account some news and updates on both KCON NY and KCON LA conventions.

Important for both KCON’s! You will need to register for the convention if you want to attend and get your fan engagement passes and goody bags! If you do not register you will not be able to get your fan engagement passes!

For more information, keep reading about both conventions:

KCON NY – Convention Information

Guess what?! KCON NY’s convention is…… FREE!!! Yes yes! Free! $0! Isn’t that great? More money for your to spend on at all the booths and food there!

More great news for New York and East coast KCONers, the KLUB KCON is making its way for the first time in NY! KLUB KCON is a dance party that will take place from 4PM to 8PM on Thursday the 23rd with two Kpop DJ’s ready to play some awesome Kpop music. KCON also prepared a mystery idol lineup to attend this party so make sure to get your tickets when you register for the convention! Tickets cost $25!

At the convention there are meet and greets with the Youtubers J.R.E and KennyBoySlay, workshops, panels, K-Dramas, food, makeup tips, fansigns and the list goes on and on (haha VIXX reference)! You can check the full schedule for KCON NY here!

You can also check out the full lineup of artists, Youtubers, etc… that are attending KCON NY here!

KCON LA – Convention Information

Ok so, one bad thing for LA KCONers is that unfortunetely you will have to pay to attend the LA convention. One day convention pass will be $10 and a three day convention pass $25.

The good thing is that KCON LA’s convention will have an exclusive Flower Boy Cafe! Isn’t that great? It’s win-win!

The registration date to start buying convention and flower boy cafe tickets will be July 1st.

To know more about the schedule, full lineup and special guests you will have to wait a little bit more. In the mean time, KCON confirmed that there will be lots of workshops, food, Youtuber panels, beauty workshops, drama panels and ton of booths!

Stay tuned for more updates about KCON soon!

[Coverage] “Dramaworld” Premieres in Los Angeles!

Hey, everyone! Viki’s first original series, Dramaworld, premiered this past weekend at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles and I won a pair of tickets to see the stars up close!

Dramaworld seeks to bridge gaps between Western and Korean culture in a way that is both relatable and appealing to avid K-Drama fans from around the world. The plot focuses around Claire (played by Liv Hewson), a huge K-Drama fan from the U.S. who unexpectedly gets transported into her favorite drama series and becomes involved in the story. The series is directed by Chris Martin, who has worked in Korea for many years.

Not only does Dramaworld feature Western actors and actresses, but also Korean ones. With cameo appearances from Super Junior’s Choi Siwon to famous actress Han Jimin, this is a comedic series you won’t want to miss out on, especially if you’re a huge fan of Korean dramas.

At the premiere, I was able to catch a glimpse of all of the cast members in a casual setting and on the Red Carpet. Unfortunately, one of the main actors, Justin Chon (who plays Seth), was unable to attend, but the other cast members were present to share their thoughts about the production process. Yang Donggeun, who makes a brief appearance in the future episodes, was even present to speak at the Red Carpet.

The Red Carpet was held at 7PM and the premiere followed at 8PM, with an introduction by one of Viki’s staff members, the 3-episode premiere (which drew many laughs), and a Q&A session with the stars. Each of the episodes were very short, with a mixture of comedic moments and serious ones.

Overall, the series comes off as relatable and has a unique mixture of fantasy and reality. If you’re a K-Drama fan, you’ll be able to insert yourself into Claire’s shoes and experience the same emotions she does. Check out the series on
Viki and take a look at some of my pictures from the event!

_DSC7878 s

Red Carpet (Liv Hewson, Sean Dulake, Bae Noori, Kim Sahee):

_DSC8056 s

{Kdrama} Descendants of the Sun Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 picks up where it left us hanging for a whole week, with Captain Si Jin walking past Mu Yeon without saying a word. Thankfully he goes back after he makes his introduction to her team. I was very nervous that he was going to literally ignore her.

Image63Image64 Image65

We see the medical team is welcomed in a happy atmosphere from the Army team. Ha ha ha at Dr. Song feeling left out of not getting a flower necklace that was given only to the females.

Image66 Image67

Chi Hoon, we see taking pics of various areas around the base, but due to the fact that our Army team are a part of the Special Forces, he can’t be taking pics of them and their base.

Image71 Image72Image70

Si Jin walks past Mu Yeon after picking up a package, and she wonders if he doesn’t see her. But a bit after we see that he saw here, and clearly wishes he could talk to her, but our Cap hides his pain.

Image73 Image74 Image75

Cap hands over the package to Seo Dae Young and tells him to open it like a man since he can only die once. Ahhh our Caps sense of humour.

Image76 Image77

This is the episode I’ve been waiting for, we finally get some back story to Dae Young and Myeong Ju’s relationship. We learn that Myeong Ju’s Father has other plans for her in who he would like to see her married to, and Dae Young is not a part of this picture at all.

Image78 Image79

Mu Yeon goes over to the kids playing in an area that warns of mines, but due to the fact she sees the kids licking metal thing they found on the floor, she climbs over to stop them. Si Jin comes over and teases her like he always does, but when she accidentally steps on a land mind, he tells her he will take her place.


It was a dud, and he enjoyed the fact that she fell on top of him, which in return made her cry.

Image82 Image83 Image86

Back at the base, Dae Young asks Si Jin what did he do to Mu Yeon and he says he made her cry, record time.  He gets her attention as they raise the South Korean flag, and he tells her that it’s nice to see her again.

Mu Yeon clearly disregards Si Jin, as her and her nurses watch Si Jin’s team working out in the morning with no shirt on. He dismisses them, so he can get her full attention, Big Boss indeed.

Image85Image106 Image105Image104

Mu Yeon calls Si Jin out when he enters the medicube, and tries to set him up for needle, by teasing him. Too bad her teasing didn’t last long, because he turned it around her.

Image87 Image89

Okay a little trouble finally shows up as our men go out to look at the turned over UN truck, but it gets a little sketchy when the guy tries to pull a gun on our Captain Si Jin.

Dae Young being the awesome guy he is, sets up so Si Jin has to take Mu Yeon into town with him, so she can get Wi-Fi contact. On this journey we learn more about Dae Young and Myeong Ju’s relationship. Dae Young gets notice for transfer and then he thinks about his talk with the Commander, who is Myeong Ju’s dad, who told him to give up on her.

Image79 Image78

We get to see Myeong Ju approaching Dae Young, and going to the wedding of his exes to let her go, and she supports him as he faces his ex.

Image91 Image92

Our main couple goes on a boat ride, over to a shipwrecked part of the coast, with beautiful scenery. He gives her a rock he picks up off of the sand and tells her if she comes back with it, her dreams will come through. They catch up a bit, explaining that she no longer does surgeries.

Image93 Image95Image94Image96Image97

Chi Hoon meets a kid, who was told that if he came to the base he would get food, but the kid starts to throw up and passes out. Our lead couple comebacks just in time to see him running in with the kid, towards the medicube. Si Jin suggest that it could be led poisoning, and Mu Yeon ask Chi Hoon to get medicine.

Image98 Image99

Well things get intense, as we have a VIP coming into the medicube for treatment, but only an Arab doctor can work on the patient. This causes a standoff with Si Jin asking Mu Yeon if she can save him, and once she says yes, he takes a stand again the protective detail for VIP.

Image100 Image101 Image102 Image103

The intensity had me on the edge of my seat as this whole scene played out before me. Really loving this drama!

{Kdrama} Descendants of the Sun Episode 2 Recap

Okay, so episode one finished with Yoo Si Jin and Kang Mo Yeon not being able to go on the date, but making promises that they will go on the date when they come back. Am I the only one having so many feels from the OST that has been released so far? Way so many feels?


Image15 Image16

We then learn that the U.S. and South Korean teams have to work together to go save UN workers who have been kidnapped. Thanks to our little screw up on Alpha Team, U.S. team leader decides to be a complete jerk. Of course Big Boss can’t let that slide! Get em Big Boss!


We see that Mo Yeon is doing what she does best, performing surgeries and getting others out of trouble, while making sure she saves her patient. She clearly isn’t impressed with the girl she is in competition with for a new position within the hospital.

Image18 Image19

Finally Jinki is introduced, Onew from SHINee, comes into the scene and we see that he is going to be a dad soon, with Mo Yeon underling. He is totally adorable when he spazzes out, thinking he lost the ring.

Image20 Image21

After her long tiring shift, Mo Yeon is heading home to wash up before meeting up with our captain, but she doesn’t get to make it home before he shows up. The way he admires her as she stretches, with no care in the world, just proves once again that he is totally smitten. When he tells her that she looks perfect the way she is, despite her saying she doesn’t have any make up on and is sweaty, he still thinks she is best like this. The way she walks away is adorable and his reaction is even more adorable.


Back at her house. Hold up…. Am I the only one thinking she brought him to her house too fast? Whatever, totally love the scene. Clearly Yoo Si Jin loves to tease our lead girl, and of course he would after seeing the water would be shut off, and she went to wash her hair. They hang out at her house for a bit, and eat some food. Mu Yeon, sets the mood by lighting a candle as they eat and think of what to do next.

Image26 Image27

They head out to the movie and Big Boss continues with his teasing, and then ask Mu Yeon, why did she speak informal to him, which leads them to see who is older. Si Jin is older and he ask to see Mo Yeon’s ID because he thought she was a minor. Oh the teasing gives me life. She smiles after his comment, and he is falling even deeper.


Sadly the movie doesn’t even get to start before Si Jin, is called out on duty.  Shortly after so is Mo Yeon, which doesn’t make it that bad that their date got ruined. Sadly Mo Yeon gets bad news that she didn’t get the promotion in which she was hoping for. It hurts, she put so much work, and this is not her first or second time trying. Hang in there Mo Yeon!


Back at base, we see that Team Alpha gets a new deployment, which is going to force them to leave Seoul for 8 months. NOOOOOOOOOOO way. Why do they do this to us? The other members are happy, not having to constantly go on missions, but our Cap and Sergeant don’t feel the same.

Image34 Image33

Si Jin tries to visit the hospital to see Mo Yeon, but he finds out that she is doing a TV show. He is happy seeing her on the screen, and that good things are happening to her.


He meets her later that day at her house and they go to a coffee shop to talk. We are already saying goodbye to our ship, here comes the melodrama. They both have their reasons to go their separate ways. She wants to know what he does, but he can’t tell her due to the rules of the army. She wants to save lives, and the job he does, he takes them. Conflicts everywhere.

Image36 Image37 Image38 Image39 Image40

Cap and Sergeant are back at base, way before their required time. Totally love their bromance.

Image41 Image42

At their new deployment spot, Si Jin knows he is not supposed to intervene especially when their time will be done soon. Oh yes, we had a time jump. He gets in trouble alongside with Dae Young, who comically blames his 2nd in command from not stopping him from doing something outside of their responsibility. The man in charge looks at him in disbelief, so does Dae Young.

Image43 Image44 Image45

We see that our little phone thief followed in Dae Young footstep and joined the army as well, under Cap and Dae Young’s squad.



We see them head out for supplies that they will need. As they wait, they see a girl who got a gun and clearly looks like she doesn’t know how to use it. It cracks me up, when I see them acting like they are scaredy cats (Big Boss) but we know they are scary and can hold their own.


CEO of the hospital tries to hit on our girl and well she isn’t having any of that. Sadly the consequences don’t only affect her, the whole team gets sent to an urk, for a new set up under their hospital name.


We knew they had to meet again, so it was only natural that it would be by Si Jin’s base that she would be sent to. Who else was like Mo Yeon, when Big Boss came into sight? The way she was looking at him, and having flashbacks…and then he kept walking, making no eye contact.

Image55 Image56 Image57

Be still my poor shipping heart. I can’t believe he walked past her, and they ended the episode there.

{Kdrama} Descendants of the Sun Episode 1 Recap

Hey guy’s, Sue here, I hope some of you will join me on this journey that is Song Joong Ki’s welcome back drama. Before we jump into the most recent episode, let’s just go back to the start a bit.

So we start off with Big Boss aka Captain Yoo Si Jin taking his alpha team into DMZ and resolving an issue with North Korea, without a gun fight.


As an action fan, I was drawn into the scene. The fighting scene was really amazing. Did anyone else gasp when Si Jin got cut???

I love the jump from a real life danger scene to a game where they can’t hit their target and losing the game. While Yoo Si Jin wants to ignore the thief our right hand man Seo Dae Young takes a stand against the thief.


I totally love our Captain and our Sergeant, I hope that nothing too bad happens to them. I love the banter that they carry.


Okay how about that meeting of our main leads??? I love that Kim Mo Yeon has a little back bone to her, the way she asked her nurse to get them out of her space.

Ahhhh our big boss was smitten by her. Totally love this scene.


The angst that I could feel between Dae Young and Myeong Joo, had me dying to know their back story of how they became like this.


Our Cap likes to tease people and joke around, totally love seeing this side of Song Joong Ki. The little glances he steals of her, and the smirks, ahhhh Si Jin you’ve fallen so fast.

Overall, I love the atmosphere that has been created so far for the whole team. The cute underlings, nurses and doctors, Team Alpha back at base. I am totally looking forward to seeing how everything plays out going forward.

Welcome Back Song Joong Ki to Dramaland, you have been missed!


[Drama] Cheese In The Trap (informations+teaser images)

Cheese In The Trap, is an upcoming drama directed by Lee Yoon Jung and set to be released on the 4th of January. It will be broadcast on tvN replacing Bubblegum on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11pm KST. The actress Kim Go Eun, will play for the first time in a drama and will star as the female lead role. Park Hae Jin who played in the dramas “My Love From The Stars” and “Doctor Stranger” will star as the male lead role.
You can read the plot of the drama below:

The drama depicts the delicate relationship between female university student Hong-Seol (Kim Go-Eun) and her senior Yoo-Jung (Park Hae-Jin). Hong-Seol works part-time due to her family’s poor background. Yoo-Jung is good looking, gets good grades, athletic and has a kind personality, but he has a dark side. (Taken from AsianWiki)

Get to know the characters


Yoo Jung played by Park Hae Jin

Translation: Sympathy? Communication? Manipulation isn’t it easier?


Hong Seol played by Kim Go Eun.

Translation: “Wake up Hong Seol! Don’t be fooled by his smile”


Twin Baek In Ho played by Seo Kang Joon

Translation: “Why do I often worry about her?


Twin Baek In Ho played by Lee Sung Kyung

Translation: “Yoo Jung, I’m the only girl that can understand you”


Kwon Eun Taek played by Nam Joo Hyuk

Translation: “Bora-noona, aren’t I also a good guy?


Jung Bora played by Park Min Ji

Translation: “Eun Taek, we can’t be together. You know that Hong Seul would be alone or else.

Teaser videos

Take a look at Park Hae Jin role in this trailer video.

Take a look at Kim Go Eun role in this trailer

Are you excited for this upcoming drama??