[Giveaway] B.A.P giveaway, the winner is….

It is time to announce the winner of our B.A.P. giveaway! Thank you to all those who participated, the other writer-nims and I had a fun and emotional time reading all your wonderful entries. Now, I’m sure everyone is really excited to know the winner so I’m not gonna talk any longer.

And the winner is…… @BTOHYUN! Congratulations!


The winner will have the possibility to chose between the following gifts:


If you are the winner, please contact us ASAP via Direct Message on Twitter.

Just as friendly reminder to never lose hope, as giveaways will be held every month.

Get ready for our December giveaway because it’s coming fast!


[Giveaway] Results of the survey

Hi everyone~~

Here’s the article you were all waiting for since the beginning of the month… Our second giveaway!! Yeaaaah!! This month we will be organizing a giveaway on the winner of the survey we posted on the 1st of November. No more talking and here’s the results with a total of 43 votes:

Last place goes to Jay Park, EXID, U-KISS, Seventeen, G-Friend, SHINee and GOT7 with 1 vote each.

Fifth place goes to VIXX, B1A4 with 2 votes each.

Fourth place goes to BIGBANG  and Zico with 3 votes each.

Third place goes to IKON with 4 votes

Second place goes to EXO with 8 votes

First place goes to B.A.P with 14 votes.

The winner is B.A.P!!! Yeaaaah! Congratulations! The goodies you will be able to win by participating in our giveaway will be B.A.P. 

To enter the giveaway you will have to tell us why you’re thankful for B.A.P

You can leave a comment on this post via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, our website or by emailing us at sweetsweetkpop@gmail.com 

You will also have to RT and fav the main tweet pinned on our official Twitter account @sweersweetkpop1.

Here’s what you can pick from if you win:


Good luck to everyone ~~

[Giveaway] Which November’s Comeback Are You Anticipating The Most?

Hi everyone~~

As you all know by now, we’re preparing a new giveaway for this month! Yay! But we need your help to decide on which group we will do the giveaway on.

Just like last time, we created a small survey for you to answer so we know which group you guys are anticipating the most. We will then do the giveaway on the winning group. The survey will last till the 14th of November. After that, the official giveaway will start and you will have till the 30th to participate. On the 31st of November, the winner will be announced.

[Important Notice]

Although BTS is coming back this month, we’ve decided that we wouldn’t include them this time because we want to give a chance to everybody else to participate in a giveaway of a group they like. So please, even if you wanted to vote BTS, support another group as there will be more BTS giveaways in the future. 😀 Thank you!

Now, to the survey!

If you can’t see the survey, please go there http://goo.gl/forms/H3MDcTbhtm

BTS Giveaway Winner!

imageWe would like to thank everyone that entered our first giveaway!

And if you didn’t win this time, don’t worry because we will be having monthly giveaways for different groups/artists!

So we won’t make you wait anymore…The winner is @pjsjimin

Please DM us on Twitter to claim your prize! If we don’t hear from @pjsjimin by Tuesday, Novemeber 3rd we will pick a new winner.

[Giveaway] Monthly Giveaways!


Hi everyone~~

I’m here to announce some good news! *Yeaaaaah* I’m sure the title gave you a tip on what I was going to talk about.

We decided to organize one giveaway per month! Woohoo! You heard right, a giveaway per month! Which means that if you didn’t win the first giveaway, you’ll always have the possibility to win next month.

Each month, the giveaway will be held for a different Kpop group.

On the 1st of the month we will post a survey on “The Most Anticipated Comeback of the Month”, and we will organize the giveaway on the winning group. The survey will end on the 14th and the giveaway will start on the 15th.

It will last until the second to last day of the month. Then, on the last day of the month we will announce the winner.

The pattern will repeat the following month, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t win. Just make sure to try again the next month! You will probably end up winning something. 😉

Good luck to everyone participating!~~

[Giveaway] Enter the BTS Giveaway!

BTS Giveaway

Hi everyone !! ~

As promised, here’s all the informations you need to know to participate to the giveaway!

Because BTS won the “Most Anticipated October’s Comeback” survey we did, we decided to do a BTS giveaway where you will have the possibility to win a BTS goodie. The giveaway starts now and will end on the 30th of October. The winner will be announce on the 31st of October.

To Participate

To participate to the giveaway you  need to RT and favorite our giveaway post, and follow us on both Twitter and Facebook.

The Giveaway

The winner will have the possibility to chose between two gifts :

  1. A BTS album of your choice OR
  2. A BTS hoodie

Everyone should participate!!!! Yeaaaah! Good luck to everyone!! 😀