Golden Child Releases Additional Debut Teasers

Golden Child has revealed additional member teasers for their upcoming debut!

The next members up for teasers are Seungmin, Jaeseok, Tag, JoochanDaeyeol, Jangjun, and Jibeom, who look handsome and refreshing in both their solo teaser clips and images.

Golden Child is Woollim Entertainment‘s newest boy group and will debut on August 28.

Weki Meki Gives Sneak Preview of Debut Album & MV

Weki Meki has released a highlight medley for their upcoming debut album, “WeMe,” along with two MV teasers for their title song, “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend.”

In addition to the medley and MV teasers is a D-1 teaser, dropping just a day before the album release.

The song sounds fun and powerful and showcases a lot of personality.

They will be debuting on August 8. Are you ready?

Wanna One Achieves All-Kill With ‘Energetic’ Debut

Wanna One has achieved an all-kill with their much-anticipated debut!

Following the release of the group’s first mini album, “1×1=1(TO BE ONE),” they have been topping charts and racking in tons of views from around the globe, proving both their domestic and international popularity.

They have made a debut with an invigorating song, “Energetic,” which is well-suited for its title.

Check out the MV below!

Wanna One Completes Colorful Teaser Set

Wanna One has completed their official concept photo set, having released individual teasers for Daniel, Sungwoon, and Minhyun.

In addition to completing the individual photos, the group has unveiled two group images with contrasting concepts, one being “Pink” and the other one “Sky.”

The 11-member group, who was formed during the thrilling finale of “Produce 101” season 2, will be releasing their first album, “1×1=1(TO BE ONE)” on August 7.