UNB Makes Intense Debut with ‘Feeling’

UNB (short for You & Unit B), also known as UNIT B, has made their highly-anticipated debut with “Feeling.”

“Feeling” is an intense and powerful track with a dark and spellbinding MV that includes narration from the members. Each of the members get their time to shine, showcasing a wide range of vocals, dynamic dance skills, and rap.

The song is also the title track of the group’s mini album, “Boyhood,” which includes songs such as “Only One,” “Ride with Me,” and “Rebooting.”

The project group is comprised of 9 members from different groups and agencies, all of which participated in the idol reboot program, “The Unit.”

The members are: BIGSTAR‘s Feeldog, U-KISS‘s Jun, A.C.E‘s Chan, BIGFLO‘s Euijin, HOTSHOT‘s Hojung, H.B.Y‘s Marco, MADTOWN‘s Daewon, IM‘s Kijung, and Ji Hansol.


ARTLOVER Releases Video for Her Debut Single “Want U Back”

Standing enchantingly in a field of flowers wearing a hot pink suit and black gloves, platinum-haired ARTLOVER could be ready for a Vogue photo shoot. But in actuality, she’s fiercely pioneering her debut MV. The track, “Want U Back”, is the first single from her EP to be released later this year, and a great sample of what is to come from this London-based artist.

It’s about time more female k-rappers take center stage, and ARTLOVER is blazing through with a fresh take. Rather than the aggressive beats that can be heard often in the female rap space (think Hyuna and Jessi), “Want U Back” provides a lighter, 80’s synth-pop sound – just perfect for a spring jam. With a hook brimful in melody, ARTLOVER’s pleasant vocals are showcased; but where she really shines is in the rap verses, where her deep register expertly brings everything together.

Furthermore, the atmosphere of the MV fits the song perfectly, with an overall brooding theme with shots of the countryside.

This electric single has us excited to hear more from ARTLOVER. Keep an ear out for her forthcoming EP, and watch the aesthetically captivating MV for “Want U Back” below!

Stray Kids Break Free in ‘District 9’ MV

Stray Kids has made their official debut with “District 9!”

JYP Entertainment‘s newest boy group pursues freedom from their oppressive lives in their intense MV for “District 9,” the powerful title song of their album, “I Am NOT.

They gained popularity during their predebut era from their survival show and album, “Mixtape.”

Check out their debut track below!

Stray Kids Drops Teasers for ‘I am NOT’

Stray Kids has released teasers for their debut album, “I am NOT.”

The teasers are spread out into various photo sets, lyric cards, an intense debut trailer video, and the official album tracklist.


They have also released special images for their unveiling showcase, which will take place on March 25 at Jang Chung Arena.

The group is officially debuting on March 26 at 6PM.

Na Ha Eun “Dancing Baby” Debuts With ” So Special”

Na Ha Eun, who’s widely known as the “Dancing Baby” from her Kpop Star-Season 4 days, has now released her debut music video!

Despite her young age, it looks like Ha Eun is ready for her debut as she dances through the song with her well known dance skills!

Be sure to give the not-so-little Na Ha Eun your support by checking out her video down below!

WATCH BTS Perform at AMAs + Red Carpet Interviews

Tonight was a pretty big deal for the K-pop world. Worldwide sensation BTS made their presence known tonight at the American Music Awards with their performance of DNA, showcasing their talents on live television. In case you missed on this incredible milestone, we got you covered! Check out BTS‘ live performance of DNA, along with videos from the Red Carpet and interviews throughout the night.

BTS Performs DNA at the AMAs

Red Carpet + more


The fan chants were so loud, and you could tell that even celebrities were mesmerized by their performance.

JBJ is Your ‘Fantasy’ in Debut MV

JBJ (Just Be Joyful) has made their long-awaited debut with “Fantasy!”

“Fantasy” is an intense and powerful track with a blend of vocals and rap segments that embody the theme of dreams becoming reality. It is also the title song of the group’s first album of the same name and was written by members Kwon Hyunbin and Kim Sanggyun.

The group consists of members who were previously contestants on season 2 of “Produce 101.”

JBJ has definitely delivered a song to add to the list of K-pop’s most memorable recent releases.

Check out the MV below and tell us what your favorite part of the song was!