HIGHLIGHT Says ‘Plz Don’t Be Sad’ in Uplifting MV

HIGHLIGHT has officially released their debut/comeback MV for “Plz Don’t Be Sad!”

As the album highlight MV and MV teasers indicated, it’s an energetic and fun track with colorful and enjoyable scenes. It’s bound to light your day up!

“Plz Don’t Be Sad” is the title song of HIGHLIGHT‘s first mini album, “Can You Feel It?” their first album under their new name. They were previously known as BEAST under Cube Entertainment, but now that they’ve moved agencies, they’re off to a fresh start!

Support them by checking out their MV below!

Get Ready for PRISTIN’s Debut With Their MV Teasers

A unique girl group has caught the attention of Sweet Sweet Kpop—PRISTIN! After showing much promise through their individual teasers, the girls are definitely a group to watch out for. Most notably, their hands-on take with different concepts for each member is one that will have everyone picking a favorite.

The ten-member girl group is set to debut on March 21st with their title track “Wee Woo”. Check out the teasers for the music video below!

Say “HI!” to PRISTIN’s Lovely Concept Photos

Formerly known as Pledis Girlz, the group is set to officially debut on March 21st, 2017 under the name PRISTIN, a combination of “prismatic” (bright and clear) and “elastin” (flawless strength).

After releasing concept photos for five members, a second set of photos has been released for the remaining five members. The concept photos include Nayoung, Rena, Xiyeon, Yehana, and Roa with their own special touch for each concept. Check out their different styles in the photos!

The group will start fresh with the release of their first mini-album HI! PRISTIN on March 21st. Are you ready?

Celebrate 4 Years With Ladies’ Code

On March 7, 2013, five girls from Polaris Entertainment gathered together to mark their debut with “Bad Girl“.

These girls were Ashley, RiSe, EunB, Sojung, and Zuny. Together, these group of girls went on as Ladies’ Code, performing songs including “Hate You“, “Pretty Pretty” and “Kiss Kiss“. After an unspeakable accident happened in September 2014, two members, EunB and RiSe, passed away within a couple of days. Thus the remaining members went on a hiatus, mending the void in their hearts and recovering from injuries.

From encouraging words to letters written by fans every day, the three members received much support and came back on February 24, 2016 with a mini-album featuring the title track, “Galaxy“. In addition, another mini-album was released later in October called Strang3r with the title track “The Rain“.

Together along with the strength from fans, the girls continue as a three-member group, overcoming obstacles and becoming the group that the members dreamed of. To Ladies’ Code and Lavelys all around, March 7, 2017 marks the 4th anniversary since the birth of the group.


To commemorate this day, the girls streamed on V Live, spending a day with Lavelys at the theme park, Lotte World, and even purchasing matching rings with their initials! Fans tuned in to watch the members ride on attractions such as the carousel, having a good time and treasuring the moment. Even now as the group climbs towards success, the members still think about EunB and RiSe and their dreams for Ladies’ Code.

Seohyun Makes Stunning Solo Debut with ‘Don’t Say No’

The wait is officially over for Seohyun‘s solo debut!

Sure enough, this queen doesn’t disappoint. “Don’t Say No” is a catchy, pop R&B song that does well to showcase the dynamics of Seohyun‘s voice.

On the other hand, the MV is also amazing, with stunning costumes and sets, along with aesthetically-pleasing colors that suit the theme of the song.

“Don’t Say No” is the title track of her first 7-track solo album of the same name. Seohyun participated in the creation of the 6 other songs on the album, so make sure to check it out!

Miss A’s Suzy is Stunning in Solo Debut Teasers

Miss A‘s Suzy is finally making a solo debut!

Three short teaser clips were uploaded onto JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel with the title “Yes? No?

The clips are edited with a colorful pink tint, accentuating her radiating beauty.

The “priority” release is on January 17th, with the “formal” release on January 24th.

Stay tuned for more info!

Sweet Sweet Kpop’s Favorite Debuts of 2016

With each year comes more debuts, with hopeful artists aiming to make a mark in the music industry. 2016 was jam-packed with memorable debuts and rookies demonstrating skills that set them apart from the rest.

From groups like BLACKPINK to NCT 127, here is a compilation of some of our favorites!


BLACKPINK is one of the hottest groups from this year! They debuted with the fierce and attention-grabbing double title songs, “Boombayah” and “Whistle,” capturing the hearts of millions. Since then, they’ve also released “Playing With Fire” and “Stay,” demonstrating their multitude of talents.


Astro is a 6-member boy group composed of Eunwoo, JinJin, MJ, Moonbin, Rocky, and Sanha. They debuted in February under Fantagio Entertainment with “Hide & Seek,” and have since released titles like “Breathless” and “Confession.” They’re well-known for their energetic stages and refreshing, catchy music. Many of their non-title songs are great as well, such as “Morning Call” and “Your Love.”


I.O.I is one of 2016’s hottest groups, and there’s a good reason why! This girl group consists of 11 members from the show “Produce 101.” They are an international girl group with catchy music and promising talent.  Their most-recent song is “Very Very Very,” which has an addictive, cute pop beat. Unfortunately, they will disband in 2017 and return to their respective agencies, but they’ve given their fans many unforgettable memories!


Pentagon is Cube Entertainment‘s newest boy group and is consisted of 10 Korean, Chinese, and Japanese members. They debuted in October with “Gorilla” and just had a comeback with “Can You Feel It.” The group was formed on the show “Pentagon Maker,” where they were put to the test in various categories, such as dance and teamwork. Overall, Pentagon has a lot of potential, with impressive vocals, rap, and dance abilities.

NCT 127

NCT 127 is one of the NCT subunits and made a hard-hitting debut with “Firetruck.” This SM Entertainment boy group is making a comeback in early January with two new members, Doyoung and Johnny, along with a brand new album, “NCT 127 Limitless.” Since their debut, they have won rookie awards and are beginning to cultivate their individual music and performance style. Members in this group have also debuted in other subunits, such as NCT U.



K.A.R.D is a co-ed group from DSP Media and just recently debuted with the amazing and catchy song, “Oh NaNa,” guest-starring ex-KARA member, Youngji. Their name stands for King, Ace, JokeR, and HiDden. Current members are BM, Somin, J.Seph, and Jiwoo. They are garnering a lot of attention and show a lot of promising skills! We can’t wait for what else they have in store for us!

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

WJSN debuted under Starship Entertainment in February with “Would You Like?” and title song “Mo Mo Mo.” They are coming back in January with a new album, “From.WJSN,” along with “I Wish.” Their song, “Secret,” is one of my favorite tracks from them, with a magical and mystical themes and a sound resonating with refined, lullaby-like qualities. They have an amazing aesthetic, music style, and many beautiful, talented members. As they develop their individual and group identities, they’re definitely a group to look out for!


Under YNB Entertainment, this five-member boy group debuted as its company’s first male idol group. With the group having an average height of 185 cm (6.1 ft), they have gained much attention not only for their tall stature, but also for their breath-taking debut with “KNOCK“. Aiming to ‘knock on k-pop’ as the name KNK implies, the boys have captured the hearts of fans with their harmonic voices and quirky personalities. Feel free to become a “tinkerbell” along many others through listening to their music and keeping up with their weekly livestreams!

Which debut made your heart flutter? Who are you looking forward to?