BTOB Joins Toronto Kpop Con Lineup!

Toronto Kpop Con is coming up soon, and BTOB was just revealed to be the newest addition to the lineup!

BTOB just came back with a new album called “Feel ‘Em” and received their first win with “Movie,” a refreshing and groovy track.

The organizers of TKC, Pop! Goes the World, made their fans delighted when they announced popular co-ed group, KARD, would be their first artist.

Now with BTOB joining the lineup, we can expect a lot of overjoyed Melodies who are ready to see the boys in concert on May 13!

More information regarding tickets will be out soon, so make sure to follow PGTW on Twitter for the latest.

KTMF 2017 Adds NCT 127, APINK, VICTON to Lineup

NCT 127, APINK, and VICTON will be performing at this year’s annual KTMF!

They will be joining artists like Block B Bastarz, Skull & Haha, and Gummy at the Hollywood Bowl on April 29, 2017.

Korea Times Music Festival is a yearly event taking place at the Hollywood Bowl in California, inviting Korean entertainers to showcase their talent before an audience of all generations.

Every year, they have some of the hottest groups in K-pop, and it looks like this year is no different!

Tickets are currently on sale, so if you haven’t already, go and purchase tickets to the event.

HyunA Takes Over Toronto!

HyunA came through to Toronto with a lot of surprises and a good time for her fans. Friday February 24th 2017, Hyuna held a concert event at Danforth Music Hall, hosted by KPOPME.
Before HyunA hit the stage, Cherry a dance cover group, got the place warmed up for the main event of the night.
HyunA came out dancing to “How This,” which set the tone for the night. Fans on both levels began to scream for her, as she commanded her stage.
This event gave you a bit of everything; awesome performances, laughter and even a bit of jealously with the lucky fans who were chosen for fun interaction games with HyunA!
First, two lucky fans played a game with her, hoping that they could give the same answer as HyunA. The fanboy won, but the fangirl didn’t really lose either, if you think about it. She still got to Hug HyunA, and got a small gift. Whereas the lucky fanboy got to take a selfie with her! You’re feeling a bit jealous too now, eh?
She continued to perform her hit songs, creating a stunning atmosphere in the venue.
After a few more songs and a Q&A, there was a lottery and a dance off with fans! HyunA could tell fans were nervous, so in the second song she helped them to loosen up a bit and have a bit of fun on stage with her. Yes, we know you are a bit jealous again.
The night came to an end way too early though. You can tell fans were having so much that they didn’t realize the night was coming to an end.
Thank you KPOPME for bringing HyunA to Toronto! We hope you can bring her back again!

Get Ready for ‘The Wings Tour’ with this BTS Playlist!

The Wings Tour” is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to get ready for the show! What better way to prepare yourself for it than with a playlist of some of their greatest songs?

Get ready for the amazing show with this set of songs, ranging from hits like “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” “Danger,” and “Run,” to tracks like “Look Here” and “Awake.”

The sold-out stops in the U.S. (Anaheim, Newark, and Chicago) are hosted by Powerhouse Live, who have recently also brought B1A4 for their “Four Nights in the U.S.” tour and are a leading organizer for Korean concerts in the United States.

Check out our playlist here.

  1. “Spring Day”
  2. “Not Today”
  3. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”
  4. “Awake”
  5. “Lie”
  6. “24/7=Heaven”
  7. “Danger”
  8. “Run”
  9. “Save Me”
  10. “Look Here”
  11. “Dope”
  12. “Fire”
  13. “BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer”
  14. “Butterfly”

Other Recommended Songs: “Blanket Kick,” “Outro: Propose,” “You Never Walk Alone,” “Let Me Know,” “Miss Right,” “I Like It,” “Crow Tit,” “Hold Me Tight,” “Stigma,” etc. (All their songs are great!)

(BTS Korean Discography: 2Cool 4Skool, O!RUL8,2?, Skool Luv Affair, Dark & Wild, HYYH Pt. 1, HYYH Pt. 2, Young Forever, Wings, You Never Walk Alone)

Which songs are you looking forward to seeing live?

Korea Times Music Festival Announces Bastarz, Gummy, & More!

The Korea Times Music Festival is an annual event in Hollywood, CA that invites Korea’s top entertainers, and each year they have a different and impressive lineup.

So far, they’ve announced Bastarz, Gummy, Skull & Haha, and Min Kyung Hoon for this year’s lineup!

The event will take place at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, April 29. Tickets are already on sale, so reserve your spots before they run out!

There are many more artists to go, so make sure to come back for the latest updates!

KCON Announces Official Dates for KCON 2017 NY and LA!

The wait is over, because we’re finally getting dates for KCON 2017 NY and KCON 2017 LA!

KCON has officially dropped the announcement that the annual Korean convention and concert will take place from June 23 to 24 for New York, and August 18 to 20 for LA.

The mega event began in 2012 in LA and has since expanded to the East Coast, along with various countries such as Korea, Japan, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, and France.

KCON Mexico is right around the corner and will take place from March 17 to 18, with headliners like BTS, Red Velvet, ASTRO, and Monsta X.

This is the time to start saving up!

Stay tuned for updates, including artist announcements and more! For more information, check out KCON‘s official website and Twitter.

KPOPME Hints for the Largest K-Fest to Hit Canada

The Canadian-based company, KPOPME, are already thinking ahead to the summer! On Twitter last night on February 28th (CST), the company hinted that the largest K-Fest yet will be coming to Canada this summer. Announcements will begin soon for more details about this major event.

For the time being, they’re looking for names to call this ultra K-Fest. What are your suggestions for the name?