HyunA Takes Over Toronto!

HyunA came through to Toronto with a lot of surprises and a good time for her fans. Friday February 24th 2017, Hyuna held a concert event at Danforth Music Hall, hosted by KPOPME.
Before HyunA hit the stage, Cherry a dance cover group, got the place warmed up for the main event of the night.
HyunA came out dancing to “How This,” which set the tone for the night. Fans on both levels began to scream for her, as she commanded her stage.
This event gave you a bit of everything; awesome performances, laughter and even a bit of jealously with the lucky fans who were chosen for fun interaction games with HyunA!
First, two lucky fans played a game with her, hoping that they could give the same answer as HyunA. The fanboy won, but the fangirl didn’t really lose either, if you think about it. She still got to Hug HyunA, and got a small gift. Whereas the lucky fanboy got to take a selfie with her! You’re feeling a bit jealous too now, eh?
She continued to perform her hit songs, creating a stunning atmosphere in the venue.
After a few more songs and a Q&A, there was a lottery and a dance off with fans! HyunA could tell fans were nervous, so in the second song she helped them to loosen up a bit and have a bit of fun on stage with her. Yes, we know you are a bit jealous again.
The night came to an end way too early though. You can tell fans were having so much that they didn’t realize the night was coming to an end.
Thank you KPOPME for bringing HyunA to Toronto! We hope you can bring her back again!

GOT7’s Turbulence In Houston Fanmeet: Our Favorite Moments

In case you missed out on GOT7’s stop in Houston for their Flight Log: Turbulence in USA 2017 Fanmeet Tour, here’s a recap of our notably favorite moments from the show. These moments will have you feeling like you were there!

During Q&A, GOT7 took a moment to share their ideal type to the fans.


It also seemed to be “Jackson’s day” for the Houston stop so lots of Jackson moments showed up during Q&A.

When asked what member they’d switch bodies with, Jinyoung picked Jackson because of his thighs. Jackson then proceeded to show them off to him with a special dance. 


After Jackson was asked which member he’d save between Mark and Jinyoung, he smoothly gets out of answering!

Jackson enthusiastically joked with the fans by making up questions before asking the real question to Mark. Needless to say, this had everyone screaming.

Bambam was asked to rap “Twinkle Little Star”, firing up the crowd with a cool dance along with Yugyeom. 

If you haven’t seen the choreography of “Boom X3” yet, here’s your chance to see how laid back but zesty it is!


During the performance of “Fly”, Yugyeom’s shirt buttons popped open, however, he acted professionally to continue performing while fixing it in the background.

Relatable to any international fan out there, Jackson recognized the passion in this “long distance relationship” fans have with GOT7. 


Jinyoung touched the hearts of fans with his polished English speech that he practiced countlessly in front of American-born member, Mark Tuan.


However, by the end of the night, I couldn’t stop thinking about this moment that soon became my most favorable one. Let’s just say I saved the best for last on this list!

When the hyung line (minus Jackson) had to do random play dance, but things escalated very quickly! 

And here’s another view of this random play dance.

That’s it for the list of our favorite moments! Which one was your favorite?


On November 1st, with a rainy afternoon in Vancouver, many fans had already begun to line up outside the Vogue Theatre. Despite the heavy rain, fans were still excited and pumped to see CL.

At 7pm, VIPs were allowed to enter the venue for their Meet & Greet session with CL. Once the fans got into the venue, immediately we all had to line up to get our photo op with CL. CL came out about 10 minutes later and let me tell you, she was and IS beautiful in reality. Her presence itself was just amazing. Not only was the photo op not as rushed, CL took the time to greet each and every one of her fans that were there.

CL opened up the show with “FIRE” literally heating up the stage with her presence the moment she stepped onto the stage. She performed “I Am The Best” right after her opening song, hyping up the crowd as they sang along to the song. Despite having a sore throat from the concert the night before, CL still performed to her best abilities. 

Throughout the continuous hour and half of amazing performances, CL never showed fatigue, maintained her professionalism and only pumped up the crowd more as the night went on. Some songs her performed during the concert were “Falling in Love”, “If I Were you”, “Lonely”, “Scream”, “Dr. Pepper”, “Lifted”, “Hello Bi+ches” and more!

NO RE$T 2016 U.S. TOUR IN CHICAGO Coverage

On July 21st, 2016, Dok2 & The Quiett kicked off their highly anticipated “NO RE$T 2016 US TOUR” in CHICAGO!


Dok2 and The Quiett are two rappers who are considered as some of the most influential hip hop artists and are still VERY popular to this day in South Korea. Both talented artists formed their independent record label, Illionaire Records back in 2011 and also houses another popular rapper, Beenzino.

With the Chicago concert being held on one of the hottest days in Chicago, and temperatures rising close to the double digits, Dok2 & The Quiett were sure to make it even hotter as the hype for them was getting hotter by the second!

While the crowd was waiting for the show to start, one of the crew members came out and told the crowd that there were approximately 30 bottles of water on the stage and that they weren’t for drinking. The whole crowd then screamed and cheered super loudly because they all knew what was going to happen, water was going to be thrown on them!


The show started on time and Dok2 & The Quiett were ready to tear up the stage. Within the first few seconds of their first song, the crowd was already jumping and dancing to the beat!

They performed their popular songs: Beverly 1lls (Remix), Rain Shower G-Mix- Dok2, 2 Chainz & Rollies, Future Flame (Dok2), Body 2 Body (The Quiet), 내가 ( Dok2), my favorite, YGGR, Still On My Way  (DOK2) and much more!

You can check out some of our video footage from the show below:

This concert was definitely off to a hot start & all of the people in the crowd had a great time!

Thank you to MANDOO Entertainment for bringing the boys here and you can check out more info on the tour here!

KCON France: Recap (Pictures + Videos)

Hello Sweeties~

Today we have a special article about the KCON FRANCE event that took place in Paris, France just over a month ago on June 2nd. It was hosted by Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk and had an amazing lineup including BTS, Block B, I.O.I, FTISLAND, F(x) and SHINee.

We asked one of the attendees, Anais, to share her journey with us and the pictures that she took during the performances.


First of all, the security was on point. We had to go through two customs and a metal detector. It was really comforting, especially after the events that had happened in Paris. After that, we went into the concert hall to find our seats. Even though I was in Category 4, I had an amazing view, which was right in front of the stage. I thought the hall was a bit small, though compared to the amount of people standing in the pit. I also want to share that the fan groups did an amazing job at distributing banners and other fandom goodies to the fans! The concert started around 2pm with MC Leeteuk accompanying us the whole night! Leeteuk was perfect! We also had the honor to have South Korea’s President, Ms. Park Geun Hye attend the concert as well.The evening began with BTS, who did an introduction song for the concert and it was a real success. The first group that really kicked things off was Block B, who sang “Toy” and it was an exploit. I personally loved their performance, since they were really into it and we all know starting a concert is not an easy thing to do, but the boys of Block B did an awesome job, getting us to move and sing to their songs! They sang “Toy”, “Very Good”, “Her” and “NalinA”! After Block B, it was the rookie group, I.O.I, that took the stage. They were all so adorable and even though they are rookies, we all had our hearts melted when they started to speak, as they spoke in broken French. They covered two ballad songs, which I don’t recall the names, and “Pick Me”.

Afterwards, my queens, F(x) took to the stage and I have to say, I couldn’t stay still, especially with Amber turning up the stage. The girls were so incredible; it was like a dream. Amber will probably forever be my biggest high of the day, as her kindness towards everyone, just warmed my heart.  They performed “4 Walls” and the entire crowd was singing and dancing along with them, it was really incredible to see everyone just sing and dance along to the song. F(x) also performed “Hot Summer” and “Rum Pum Pum Pum” and Luna also performed “Free Somebody” for the first time ever on stage, as it’s her newest solo song.

After F(x) it was my favorite group’s turn, BTS! I FINALLY had the chance to see my U.Bs (ultimate bias(es)) Jimin and Jungkook in real life! When BTS arrived on stage it was amazing to see how much energy the entire audience gave them. BTS performed “FIRE”, and it was perfection. Namjoon also performed “What Am I To You”, which was absolute magic, his rapping live was pure perfection. They continued by singing “Dope”, and everyone was so into it and I couldn’t stop singing the fan chants as “Dope” is my favorite song. They also sang “I NEED U”, “Save Me” and “Fun Boyz”. Even though they were probably very tired, they gave their all and it was really amazing. It’s difficult to have the same feeling after BTS performed, but FTISLAND surprised us all and their brilliant performance. FTISLAND’s performance was my favorite, since they were one of my favorite groups when I first got into Kpop. Hongki was amazing and full of energy. They began with “Pray”, then continued with their other songs like “Freedom”, “Severely”, and another song that I can’t recall. FTISLAND really was on fire and their nine years of experience on stage was definitely showcased throughout their performances.

Last but not least, the show ended with SHINee. And let me tell you, it was simply A-MA-ZING! They proved why they are the Kings of Kpop! They performed “Lucifer”, “Sherlock”, “View” and to my biggest shame, another song that I cannot recall… “View” was really remarkable and everybody was so into it by dancing along and giving their all. During the concert, we also had the chance to hear Taemin and Hongki both sing some of the most emblematic French OSTs. We all succumbed to their charms. Another great surprise we got was being able to witness Amber perform her solo song, “Shake That Brass”, ft. one of the I.O.I members. Aaaaaah. Amber my queen, I love her so much!!! To finish the shows, we had the chance to witness another amazing performance, and this time it was a duet from F(x)’s Luna and Block B’s Taeil! They performed ZICO’s song “SONG NAME”.

We want this more often! It was amazing! We were also able to see Leeteuk dance to some of SNSD’s songs and hear him speak French to us, and honestly, we could not have asked for anything better. KCON France was an incredible concert and I have no regrets of going. I am an ARMY and everyone was so nice to me! If you’re nice to other fandoms, fans, people and etc, you’ll definitely get treated with respect! The positive points of the event were being able to meet with other Kpop fans around the world. The negative point would be the convention. It was unfortunate that only 1,000 people were allowed to go in and we even stood in line for the whole day, only to receive nothing in the end :/

As the concert came to an end, it was on a great note, for all the artists said “see you next year”, which left us with a small hope of it being true!

Check out the pictures below taken by Anai’s during the concert:

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Check out some videos of the performances:

What do you think of the pictures and performances?


Hello lovely Sweeties!

As you all know, GOT7 is currently on tour in the United States for their “FLY In USA“!

This is simply going to be based on my own experience when I attended the GOT7 in Chicago show last week!

To begin, Youngjae was not well, he looked pale and all the fans were very worried about him. Despite being sick, he still performed to the very best of his abilities. The only event he did not attend was the hi-touches and the group photos due to him not being in great condition.

Throughout the concert, you could tell that the boys had put in a lot of effort into practicing their English, especially the Korean members. I was very surprised and excited to hear them speak in English so much!!

Now for the concert! They boys performed about 5 or 6 songs without any breaks and were on stage so much! Usually idols would have a lot of VCR clips and clothing change, but GOT7 had just very few of them.

The concert continued on throughout the night, the non-Korean members, BamBam, Mark and Jackson, were always making the other members answer all the fans’ questions in English to help them learn. It was seriously so cute!

When the boys said they went to the city to explore, BamBam asked his fellow members what the first thing they did was and JB said he completely forgotten what he did! Yugyeom said he ate pizza (without a doubt Chicago pizzas are the best), and Mark & JR just slept.

During the whole concert, all the boys were full of smiles throughout the whole time, they were laughing at all the little things that each member was doing, teasing them at every chance they could get. It was getting too adorable for me as I was dying in my seat from all their interactions!

In the first song, BamBam went over to the camera that was facing the audience and started playing around with it and moving it around himself. The boys also took a group selfie (or selca) with the audience, and they had a VCR where they played GOT7 roulette! But the boys weren’t on stage for the VCR because they were trying to get to the back of the theatre to surprise all the fans by coming down from the aisles! When they all the boys came through, ALL the audience came rushing towards them. Now you can imagine how crazy that must have been!

When GOT7 was giving their end of concert commentaries, Youngjae began and spoke in Korean, he said his English was not good and that he will continue to work hard in studying his English for his fans. (How sweet that boy is). JB continued on afterwards and spoke in Korean as well, saying that the reason why he spoke in Korean was so that he could express his emotions/feelings better. (Our leader-nim ㅜㅜ). For Jackson, he spoke in English and he told everyone to break up with their boyfriends if that had one! Hahaha! He also asked everyone if they had a boyfriend, and if they did, to raise their hands. With some audience members raising their hands, Jackson said “You can go right out those doors” lol (as a joke). Near the very end of the concert, the boys were also taking selfies with fans’ cameras, making all the fans go wild again.

When I was done my group photo with GOT7 and was waiting outside, the venue staff announced that everyone needed to make room for the ambulance that was coming through. Everyone became very worried as they thought it could have been for Youngjae who was really sick, but it was actually for a fan who had fainted and needed to be taken to the hospital.

In the end, everything ended on a good note! This wraps up my experience for my GOT7 in Chicago! Thanks for reading everyone!

[★] Spam N Eggs ft. Dean: Recap (+Pictures & Videos)

In case you missed seeing R&B artist, Dean, in Los Angeles, we’re here to recap the event for you! Sweet Sweet Kpop was present at the show, so we’ll give you a rundown in case you weren’t able to make it, or relive it with us if you did!

The Spam N Eggs show took place at Club Bound LA, Korea Town’s only nightclub. The event was hosted by Spam N Eggs, comprised of rapper Dumbfoundead, Tokimonsta, and Far East Movement. There were many other artists featured, including DJ Zo, Them Jeans, Mono/Poly, and of course, headliner Dean!

Lines for the event were long an hour before the event, with many fans anticipating the exciting show. Once in, the crowd quickly grew, and the show began. The night started with energizing music from the DJs, beginning with sets from DJs such as DJ Zo.

The crowd was pumped up from the upbeat music, and as soon as midnight hit, Dean changed up the scene with his long-anticipated appearance! He performed four fan favorites, including “21,” “Put My Hands on You,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” and “I’m Not Sorry.”

Check out our video coverage of DEAN here:

After Dean’s performances, people danced along to the music and enjoyed the fun night out with friends.

Check out our photos from the event! Shout out to Spam N Eggs for letting us cover the show!

View more pictures from Spam N Eggs here!

Did you catch the show, too? What were your thoughts about it?