MONSTA X Tops Billboard World Albums Chart with ‘Beautiful’

MONSTA X has landed themselves the #1 ranking on Billboard‘s “World Albums” chart!

On Billboard‘s “World Albums” chart with the week of April 8, 2017, the group claims the top spot with their first studio-length album, “The Clan 2.5 Beautiful.


This is a landslide victory for Monbebe, who’ve been hoping for MONSTA X to receive more widespread recognition, so congrats to both MONSTA X and their fans!

The Clan 2.5 Beautiful” is the thrilling conclusion to the group’s Clan trilogy, which began with “Lost” and was followed with “Guilty” (with all three title songs being “All In”, “Fighter”, and “Beautiful”).

Beautiful” is the group’s most successful album yet, with their official MV having knocked out several million views within a short time after the release.

You can watch MONSTA X‘s “Beautiful” below, along with their comeback stage on M!Countdown. You can also check out our review of their album here!

OH MY GIRL Drops Dreamy Comeback Teasers for ‘Coloring Book’

OH MY GIRL has graced us with dreamy teasers for their comeback with “Coloring Book!”

The dreamy setting and elegant costuming accentuate the beauty of the members, creating an overarching fantasy theme that’s both refreshing and appealing.

They have also revealed the official album tracklist, detailing all 5 tracks included in “Coloring Book.”

In addition to the album tracklist and concept images, OH MY GIRL has unveiled an MV teaser for their title song, which has an innocent and whimsical atmosphere.

The girls will be returning with their 4th mini album, “Coloring Book,” on April 3.

Check out the teaser below!

Girl’s Day Are Back After Almost 2 Years

After a long wait of almost 2 years since their release of “Ring My Bell”, Girl’s Day are back to take hold of the k-pop world! On March 27th at noon (KST), the girls came back with a sassy music video for their title track “I’ll be yours”.

The song and music video have already been well received by fans, remarking the appearance of Yura‘s strong rapping and the group’s honey-like vocals.

A fan has even rejoiced that “the song is so fire that the piano started to burn” at 2:30 minutes in the video, admiring the powerful music.

The song “I’ll be yours” features a charismatic choreography with a unique key point dance. Just from the music video, one can already predict that many will be dancing to the catchy song, with its combination of sexiness and a strong and chic radiance.

Girl’s Day released their mini-album Everyday #5, making a grand entrance back to the industry. What did you think about their comeback?

Watch GOT7 Perform “Never Ever” For The First Time Together

It’s been a worrisome two weeks for ahgases (IGOT7s) since GOT7‘s Jackson began his hiatus from comeback activities to recover and rest. It was revealed in a behind-the-scenes clip that the member had been dealing with stress and anemia, especially due to his hectic overseas schedules. After being instructed to rest, Jackson was to halt all comeback activities, missing the group’s first comeback stages. 

But here they are, almost 2 weeks later—the whole group finally performing their song “Never Ever” together on Show! Music Core. This is their first comeback stage together as the 7-member group.

GOT7 also performed their cute song “Q”, stirring up fans’ hearts with endearing smiles.

With Jackson back and ready to promote with GOT7, the group agrees that they feel complete once again.

Teen Top Drops Awe-Inspiring Teasers for “HIGH FIVE”

The comeback teasers are here! Fans can finally take a closer look at Teen Top‘s concept for their upcoming track “HIGH FIVE”. Teasers include magnificent shots of the individual members along with a moving photo provided as well.

The concept looks exciting! Teen Top will make their comeback with”HIGH FIVE” on April 10th.

Girl’s Day Release Comeback Teaser

The four member female group “Girl’s Day” dropped through 1TheK channel, their teaser video for their comeback “I’ll Be Yours.”

In 33 seconds, we get a glimpse of what seems to be a mixture of elegance, and sports.

Minah is seen walking with a guy in uniform through a corridor.

Sojin is seen for a few seconds in what appears to be a men’s dressing room.

Hyeri looks glamourous and fierce in a boxing ring with long hair and dark lipstick and two boxing gloves as accesories.

And finally Yura delights our eyes while playing the piano and with Minah’s voice singing with her; reminding us how amazing she is!

Don’t miss the MV which is set to be released on March 27. Support these four amazing and talented girls.

You can watch the teaser here:

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Girl's day

GOT7’s Jackson Will Be Returning Soon!

Fret no more ahgases (IGOT7s) and Jackies! JYPE has finally released another official statement following the hiatus of GOT7‘s Jackson.

JYPE announced earlier today on the JYPE FANS site that Jackson will continue resting until March 24th, and come back to participate in activities starting on March 25th.

 After becoming ill at GOT7‘s mini fanmeeting right before their comeback, it was announced he would rest until March 20th, not being able to participate in comeback activities. However, his return was eventually extended for a couple more days for full recovery and plenty of rest.

aw jackson copy

Are you excited for Jackson‘s return to complete the 7-member group? We’re excited as well!

Let’s celebrate with one of his recent composed songs on their comeback album, “OUT”!