6 Most Popular K-Pop Tracks by Idol Cube Entertainment

6 most popular k-pop tracks by Idol Cube Entertainment kpop

The reputation of CUBE Entertainment as being one of the worst entertainment businesses in South Korea is well-deserved. Fans of Korean pop music gave the company this name because they thought that many of the singers they worked with were treated unfairly. On the other hand, this K-pop agency is well-known for having musicians who … Read more

9 KPop Idols Denied Accusations of Plastic Surgery

9 kpop idols denied accusations of plastic surgery kpop

Discussing plastic surgery with celebrities may be a touchy subject. Even though people on the Internet say that they had surgery to change their looks, not many musicians are willing to talk about it. Of course, there are a few K-pop stars who are more comfortable being in the spotlight. They disputed the speculation, insisting … Read more

9 K-Pop Stars Who Talked About Their First Love

9 K-pop stars who talked about their first love kpop

Many people include their first romantic encounter among their most treasured recollections. The vast majority of K-pop stars hold this as a fond memory from their own formative years. As evidence, consider the number of K-Pop stars who can vividly recall every detail of their first serious romantic relationship. They also don’t mind repeating the … Read more

6 Kpop Groups with Special Features in Every Comebacks

6 Kpop Groups with Special Features in Every Comebacks kpop

Each K-pop group typically makes two comebacks per year, spaced out every three to six months. When a K-pop group makes a comeback, fans may expect to see a variety of changes, including new hair colours, concepts, and visuals for the members. However, there are also idol groups that have their own distinct identities based … Read more