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ATEEZ’s Debut is a Treasure

ATEEZ are making an impressive debut with their title track "Treasure" off their first EP Treasure Ep.1: All to Zero. Treasure is composed by EDEN, BUDDY, and LEEZ, who do almost every track on the mini alongside the arrangements. Members Hongjoong and Mingi have a heavy hand in writing lyrics for nearly every song, showing promise… Continue reading ATEEZ’s Debut is a Treasure

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[Album Review] Stray Kids 3rd Mini Album ‘I am YOU’

Stray Kids just came back with their 3rd mini album since their debut earlier this year! The title of their new release is "I am YOU," the third installment of their "I am" series, which began with "I am NOT" in March and followed with "I am WHO" in August. While "I am NOT" and… Continue reading [Album Review] Stray Kids 3rd Mini Album ‘I am YOU’

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100% Return with Mini-Album “Sunshine”

The four-members of 100% have made a comeback with their 5th Korean mini-album "Sunshine". While the group released the single "Grand Bleu" in July after almost a year-and-a-half long hiatus in Korea, they have been busy in Japan, where they released the single albums "Song for You" and "Summer Night" in 2018 alone. "Grand Bleu"… Continue reading 100% Return with Mini-Album “Sunshine”

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MONSTA X’s Jooheon Releases First Mixtape “DWTD”

MONSTA X has been keeping busy as they continue their world tour into the fall of 2018. Through it all, main rapper Jooheon has released a 5-track mixtape largely written, composed, and arranged by the rapper himself. The mixtape starts out with a bass-heavy rap track in "Should I Do" that shows the rapper happily… Continue reading MONSTA X’s Jooheon Releases First Mixtape “DWTD”

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BLACKPINK ‘SQUARE UP’ Slays with New Album

BLACKPINK released a four-track EP, "Square Up" which falls in line with their previous releases and stands to leave an impression with new and old listeners alike. Everyone who has eagerly anticipated BLACKPINK's return will sure to give this album a listen. 뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU) Lyrics: TEDDY Composed by: TEDDY, 24, R.Tee, Bekuk BOOM Arranged… Continue reading BLACKPINK ‘SQUARE UP’ Slays with New Album

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{REVIEW} AOA Has Finally Made Their Comeback With 5th Mini Album ‘Bingle Bangle’

Ace of Angels are finally back with the title track, 'Bingle Bangle' This long awaited comeback is finally here and for this Elvis, it was not disappointing! 1. Bingle Bangle (Title track) They strap on their 90s rollar blades and dance around inside a retro video game for the music video. This bop is perfect for… Continue reading {REVIEW} AOA Has Finally Made Their Comeback With 5th Mini Album ‘Bingle Bangle’

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WINNER Poses for Comeback Teasers

Only 3 days are left until WINNER's comeback on August 4! The group posed for a relaxing photo in preparation for Our Twenty For. In addition, WINNER also released previews of how their albums will look like. There are 2 versions, For Youth and For Dream. For YouthFor Dream Our writers definitely can't wait for… Continue reading WINNER Poses for Comeback Teasers

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DAY6 Drops Gorgeous “I Smile” MV + Album Review

The sun has finally risen for DAY6 fans! DAY6 comes back with the release of "I Smile" music video, dropping their 1st full album SUNRISE. The title track "I Smile" takes you on a journey as they recover from the threads of heartbreak, pushing forward as they 'smile'.   SUNRISE consists of all Every Day6 monthly releases from… Continue reading DAY6 Drops Gorgeous “I Smile” MV + Album Review

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KNK’s “Sun.Moon.Star” Drops With Chilling Vocals

Declared as a tribute to Highlight's "Ribbon" and "12:30", YNB Entertainment's rookie group KNK makes a chilling comeback with their track "Sun.Moon.Star". Differing from their usual style, the group took on a new style to try their hand at new music---and the result is extraordinary.  Known for their astounding vocals and cool harmonies, KNK delivers another breathtaking… Continue reading KNK’s “Sun.Moon.Star” Drops With Chilling Vocals

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What’s in TEEN TOP’s HIGH FIVE album?

In preparation for TEEN TOP's upcoming comeback with "Love is", the album user guide has been released to give an idea of what's a part of the album package. Take a look at what's included in the album! TEEN TOP's new album HIGH FIVE will be offered in 2 versions; this includes the CD, a photobook,… Continue reading What’s in TEEN TOP’s HIGH FIVE album?