10 KPop Songs About Getting over EX

10 KPop Songs About Getting over EX kpop

Moving on after a breakup is frequently the most challenging aspect of a romantic relationship. Some people may be able to move on quickly, while others may find that it takes them years to get over a previous significant other. This article from IDN Times will provide a synopsis of ten K-pop songs that are … Read more

9 KPop Idols Debuted at the Age of Above 25 Years

9 KPop Idols Debuted at the Age of Above 25 Years kpop

The fourth generation of K-pop superstars typically consists of performers who made their debut at a younger age. In most cases, they begin their professional lives in their teens or early 20s. In the KPop industry, making a debut at a younger and younger age is no longer considered groundbreaking. Nevertheless, what about those people … Read more

Networth of 9 EXO Members. They’re the Richest!

Networth of 9 EXO Members. They're the Richest! kpop

A short while ago, the reporters at The South China Morning Post looked at an article that discussed the wealthiest K-pop groups throughout 2022. It is interesting to note that EXO, who last made a group comeback in the middle of 2022, has become the wealthiest K-pop group, beating out BTS and BLACKPINK, who are … Read more

12 KPop Group Names That are Often Misspelled

12 KPop group names that are often misspelled kpop

When we go about our daily lives, it is not uncommon for us to become frustrated when we discover that other people have misspelt our names. Even the omission or addition of a single letter has the unavoidable effect of grating on our nerves. Even though it’s meaningless to know that someone spelled our name … Read more

5 Members of the Gomak Boys Kpop Group

5 members of the Gomak Boys Kpop Group kpop

Kakao TV came up with the idea for a new group project that they called GOMAK BOYS, and they recruited five brilliant musicians whose names had been floating around in the South Korean music industry. Eardrum is the Turkish word for gomak, which is a term that is frequently used to describe singers who have … Read more

6 Most Popular K-Pop Tracks by Idol Cube Entertainment

6 most popular k-pop tracks by Idol Cube Entertainment kpop

The reputation of CUBE Entertainment as being one of the worst entertainment businesses in South Korea is well-deserved. Fans of Korean pop music gave the company this name because they thought that many of the singers they worked with were treated unfairly. On the other hand, this K-pop agency is well-known for having musicians who … Read more

9 KPop Idols Denied Accusations of Plastic Surgery

9 kpop idols denied accusations of plastic surgery kpop

Discussing plastic surgery with celebrities may be a touchy subject. Even though people on the Internet say that they had surgery to change their looks, not many musicians are willing to talk about it. Of course, there are a few K-pop stars who are more comfortable being in the spotlight. They disputed the speculation, insisting … Read more

9 K-Pop Stars Who Talked About Their First Love

9 K-pop stars who talked about their first love kpop

Many people include their first romantic encounter among their most treasured recollections. The vast majority of K-pop stars hold this as a fond memory from their own formative years. As evidence, consider the number of K-Pop stars who can vividly recall every detail of their first serious romantic relationship. They also don’t mind repeating the … Read more

6 Kpop Groups with Special Features in Every Comebacks

6 Kpop Groups with Special Features in Every Comebacks kpop

Each K-pop group typically makes two comebacks per year, spaced out every three to six months. When a K-pop group makes a comeback, fans may expect to see a variety of changes, including new hair colours, concepts, and visuals for the members. However, there are also idol groups that have their own distinct identities based … Read more