BTS to Perform at the AMA’s on November 19th

This morning, the official twitter account of the AmericanMusicAwards, confirmed what every ARMY had been waiting for:

BTS will have a special performance on the award ceremony this November 19 on the national TV channel ABC.

Whether you choose to watch the show from the beginning or to tune in when BTS is performing, don’t miss the date and show a lot of love for the boys in this ground breaking moment of their careers.

Tweet from AMA’s official account. 


Monsta X Become Dramas Stars in New MV Teaser 

After their amazing teaser images, MonstaX just released a Dramathemed MV Teaser.

The teaser is filled with aesthetic, dramatic, and emotional scenes that leave the watcher wanting the whole thing.

This comeback promises a lot of excitement, and emotion. Go watch the teaser and show a lot of support for the group.

Monsta X teaser

HIGHLIGHT Celebrates Their 8th Anniversary With New MV 

A few days ago, Highlight released a fun teaser for their new anniversary mini album. 

Yesterday, the group officially released the full MV for the title song “Can be better” with a funny and eclectic vibe. It ends up giving you a hopeful feeling that no matter what is going on, your attitude will make things better in the end.

Along with a catchy song and great acting from the members, it is an amazing experience overall.

If you wanna have fun, go watch the MV here.

BTOB Is “Missing You” In Their New MV

From the electric, to the sexy, to the melancholic, BTOB is in charge of the sadness this week.

The seven member group showed their excellent acting skills during “Missing You” and showed their great vocal and rapping abilities.

In the video they are walking through the desert, running after the camera, or throwing beer. They all have amazing performances in this MV. Make sure to check it out yourself!

You can watch here.

Taemin “Moves” In New Music Videos

One of the many things that make us love Kpop, is that many artists can go from sweet, adorable puppies, to lustful sexy machines. And everything in between. And our dear Taemin is an excellent example of that!

SHINee‘s maknae just released 2 videos for his new album “Move” showcasing his amazing dancing skills, and killing every fan and non fan around with the sexy clothes he wears. We all can agree that we love the dancing in the rain, that’s for sure!

Give this talented boy a check on his video, and don’t stop yourself from supporting him if you like.

Support Taemin by watching the music videos here and here.

Highlight Releases Teaser For 2nd Mini Album

Tons and tons of groups have been working non-stop these year, and HIGHLIGHT is no exception.

The five-member group released a funny teaser for their 2nd mini album “Celebrate” in honor for their 8th anniversary since their debut.

Here, we find the members being adorably clumsy while running. Check out the teaser here.

BTOB Releases Second Album Teaser

Following an audio snippet, BTOB keeps feeding their fans with more material for the release of their new album called Brother Act.

They have released a MV teaser for the song “그리워하다” featuring the boys in a desert at sunset. The teaser features a pleasing aesthetic that completely fits the melancholic sound of the song.

You can watch the teaser On BTOB’s official channel.  Please support these amazing and talented filled boys.