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Day6 Share A ‘Beautiful Feeling’ With MyDays in Toronto


Day6 kicked off their North America tour brought to you SubKulture and JYP, at Roy Thompson Hall, on a rainy Friday night. Despite the weather and the fact that there was no general admission because it’s a venue that only has seats, didn’t stop MyDays from lining up early in the day and meeting other fans.

Last year the boys came to Toronto for a fanmeeting and promised to come back another time and they kept their promise! Day6 was met with way more fans in Toronto, which caught them by surprise. graced the stage by opening up the show with a fan favorite, “I smile”. They performed a variety of different songs such as; “I wait”, “Dance Dance”, “Shoot Me”, and “Sing Me” just to list a few. While the boys sang, My Days showered them with ample amounts of love that it made them emotional.

Day6 poured everything into their performances, rocking out with each other on stage and making fans go wild for their amazing skills and interactions. They were constantly going into song after song, and the most amazing part is how My Days kept up and sang along with them, cheering on and not missing a beat.

MyDays prepared several fan projects, like the “You were Beautiful” sing-along project and another project that was a perfect transition into the message Young K had for My Days. MyDays held banners that said Believe in your youth during “I Like You”, with the joke of be-leaf in your youth. If you get it, then you truly are a MyDay. Young K even talked about the banners that were done for them, and that he hopes MyDays will believe in themselves and to hold on to their youth. During the talk, he explained about the time he spent in Toronto, and his memories about coming to Roy Thompson Hall for shows before, and never did he imagine to stand on this stage with Day6 years later. He explained to fans that it’s okay to embrace failure as we all go through it. He explained that failure hurts, but it makes us stronger. His words were very inspiring and fans agreed with him, and saying if it’s what he wants, they will do their best in their youth.

As the show was drawing to an end, they sang “Congratulations”, which was their debut song on September 7th, 2015. As they began to play their instruments, they didn’t need to sing as fans started the song off for them. It wasn’t until the chorus the boys joined in and even then, the fans overpowered them, by singing their hearts out, to the song that brought Day6 into their lives. It was truly a beautiful moment.

When the ending talk started, they group got very emotional. Wonpil was grateful to see MyDays in Canada and have them singing their Korean lyrics. He expressed that he can’t believe they were able to perform in-front of 3 levels of MyDays in Toronto. Seeing so many seats filled really was something special. Jae followed up by asking MyDays to keep that same energy throughout the show and joked how he thought fans would have been tired by the end, but they weren’t. They were still standing on all 3 levels and screaming as loud as ever. They screamed so much while he was talking about the meaning of youth, that he forgot what we was going to say and said thank you. He then led MyDays into a Young K chant as he went into his final talk.

You can definitely say this show was special and not just to the fans but Day6 as well, as they looked as if they were having the best time, while they interacted with fans. There is so much more I’d like to write about, but to get the full experience you definitely need to go to their upcoming shows hosted by SubKulture if you haven’t already bought a ticket.


Check out the playlist below that a fan put together for the show. You can use it as a pre-Day6 concert and prepare to #keepthatsameenergy like Jae said at the start of the show, for the rest of the North America leg of the tour.


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