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Monsta X, Gallant, Soompi & Viki’s New Mini Documentary

Both are known for their unquestionable talent, and both have a legion of loyal fans following their success everywhere they go. And now they come together to discuss their own stories on music and culture, and how those can transcend borders and bring people together.

Both have proven over and over again that they don’t see only the external appearance, but instead focus on the inside. The heart and soul of everything. And is obvious that music has influenced that point of view.

We’re talking, of course, about Korean Boy Band Monsta X and American R&B Singer Gallant who have come together to participate in this emotive and inspiring project.

Produced by Rakuten Viki and Soompi, the documentary, with a total duration of only 20 minutes will present us the most personal side of both artists culminating in an acoustic version of ’Beautiful’ surprising the viewers with the Grammy nominee’s skills in the Korean Language.

The show will be available on and until October 29th, but you can enjoy the trailer on Soompi’s YouTube channel SoompiTV now.

Save the date and be pending on this small but important moment in music history.

Credits: Rakuten Viki, Soompi,


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