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ATEEZ’s Debut is a Treasure

ATEEZ are making an impressive debut with their title track “Treasure” off their first EP Treasure Ep.1: All to Zero. Treasure is composed by EDEN, BUDDY, and LEEZ, who do almost every track on the mini alongside the arrangements. Members Hongjoong and Mingi have a heavy hand in writing lyrics for nearly every song, showing promise as up and coming songwriters for future releases. Formed under KQ Entertainment, ATEEZ are the first brother group for successful artists Block B who are under KQ’s other label, Seven Seasons. The six-song debut EP is full of memorable tracks that are sure to attract new fans.

Treasure is filmed in a hot desert location, showing the members dancing in elaborate spaces and driving over sand dunes in turn. The entire MV feels like a hot summer day, with strong sunlight filtering through and wide, panoramic shots of the landscape. Known for their dancing, ATEEZ are skillful in their footwork and formations, continuing their pre-debut trend of tight and cohesive performance. The song itself is serious at times, and upbeat at others, blending strong vocals and deliberate, well-paced rap from the members.

The mini is comprised of six songs, including an English, lyrical introduction piece that is part poetry, part motivational speech encouraging listeners to think about their treasure. The eight-member group also released a performance video for their second track “Pirate King” which again showcases their strong dance skills and performance capabilities. The album continues to flow into the comforting and melodic track “Twilight” before leaping into the catchy, tropical vibe of “Stay”. “Stay” is bright and filled with a sense of longing, and is a strong contender for the title track Treasure and performance track Pirate King, standing out amongst the album. The album concludes with “My Way” which is a slow, contemplative track that showcases the boys’ vocals and emphatic rap capabilities. You can listen to the full mini on all streaming services now.


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