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BoA Returns With Empowering Song “Woman”

After a long hiatus, BoA decided to reunite with her loyal fans by releasing the most empowering track of the season!

BoA’s video shocks fans right from the start! Beginning with an amazing UPSIDEDOWN CATWALK, delivering amazing dance steps like only she can do, looking fierce, stunning and elegant like always, that’s just some of what’s to expect in this video.

The lyrics are empowering and strong with the important message of being an independent and successful woman regardless of the standards, stereotypes and limitations that society tries to impose on the women around the world. Whether it’s beauty, attitude, or clothing, BoA wants us to take all those and throw them away and build our confidence and feel good in our own skin.

It is certainly amazing and touching that a legend like BoA has focused on such an imperative topic and delivers this wonderful and powerful message in her music.

You can watch her music video and follow the movement on SM’s official YouTube channel here.


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