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Get Hyped Up For Zico’s “King Of The Zungle” World Tour With This Playlist

Zico is one of those artists you can’t help but admire and follow because of incredible talent and personality. And with his world tour “King of the Zungle” is getting closer to the US dates, we’ve complied this Playlist to help you prepare for this amazing your!

1. Tough Cookie (ft. Don Mills)

The track that started it all; yes, we know he was an underground rapper before Block B happened, but it was Tough Cookie that started his career not only as an artist but as a producer and icon. https://youtu.be/w7ntlifSyiQ

2. Bermuda Triangle (ft. Crush & Dean)

This was the first time that three of the most admired artists in the K-hiphop scene came together. With Crush accompanying him on the rap and Dean on the vocals, creates an amazing track. https://youtu.be/56XiKr44a9U

3. Artist

Stepping out of the darker style, Artist brings a colorful and inspiring song, along with a cheerful environment that shows another side to Zico. https://youtu.be/DNPs2qqdhN0

4. Anti (ft. G. Soul)

This is a MV that doesn’t need a description. https://youtu.be/vusGVFe_EWU

5. I am You, You are me

Here is the first love track in this playlist, with an interesting theme. https://youtu.be/xbf2c0JBJic

6. Eureka (ft. Zion. T)

A funny song, MV and story that will leave you wanting more. https://youtu.be/_k7gZaDjTTM

7. Soulmate (ft. IU)

This is the newest addition to Zico’s discography! He’s teaming up with the most respected female singer in Korea, so the track promises pure perfection. https://youtu.be/_k7gZaDjTTM

There’s certainly a lot more songs by Zico that we love, so make sure to tell us your favorites!

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the concert closest to you and enjoy this talented young artist’s music until you can’t take more!


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