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Get Into the Halloween Spirit with these Spooky K-pop Tracks!

What better way to prepare yourself for Halloween than with a playlist?

Whether you’re here for some spooks, thrills, or simply content that excites your senses and imagination, Sweet Sweet Kpop has got you covered.

We’ve prepared a playlist of with some of the most iconic, spine-chilling K-pop tracks to get you excited for Halloween!

The queens of dark concepts, Dreamcatcher, are an absolute must-have for Halloween playlists. With a running theme of “nightmares,” along with a unique rock music style, Dreamcatcher has cemented themselves as one of the most distinct groups out there.

All of their title songs explore the realm of darkness and fear, exploring the feelings of being trapped, lost, and overtaken.

(Other fantastically spooky MVs: “Chase Me,” “Good Night“)

How can we make a Halloween playlist without including the concept kings, VIXX?

These men have proven themselves time and time again to truly be a leader in storytelling and concept diversity, channeling classic and psychological horror in iconic songs such as “On & On,” “Hyde,” “Voodoo Doll,” “Error,” “Chained Up,” “Fantasy,” along with a whole collection of B-sides (especially in ).

You can’t mention the horror era of VIXX without also discussing BTOB‘s “Thriller,” which was shocking with its choreography and overall aesthetic.

On the lighter, more whimsical side of the Halloween theme is SHINee’s “Married to the Music” and TRCNG‘s “Wolf Baby,” which has an old-school K-pop sound and the theme of werewolves.

Continuing on the lighthearted track takes us on the TWICEcoaster to TWICE‘s iconic “TT,” which is full of varying costumes and “looks” that are bound to stir your spooky feelings.

On the other hand, Big Bang‘s “Monster” takes fantasy to a darker place.

What about fairytales gone wrong?

Boyfriend has explored a few common folklore and fairytales through songs such as “Bounce,” “Janus,” and “Witch.”

Leaning towards the psychological horror and thriller concept are songs like HISTORY‘s “Psycho” and INFINITE‘s “Bad,” which are intense and leave you with the sensation of being watched.

Red Velvet takes being watched to a new level with “Peek-A-Boo,” which revolves around the theme of them kidnapping a pizza boy and making a game of tormenting him. Although not graphic, it is still unsettling yet also thrilling at the same time, not to mention it’s a great song!

Don’t Look At Me Like That” is a classic by Song Jieun that explores dark themes of captivation and confinement, while her track, “Bobby Doll,” extends on the metaphor of being a doll. Not only is the song a must-listen to, but the atmosphere has a sad yet frightening beauty that leaves a striking impression.

Apocalyptic, dystopian type concepts such as MONSTA X‘s “All In” or INFINITE‘s “The Eye” also provide that unsettling sensation of being lost.

Taking dystopias to a more violent level is “Get Down” by Boys Republic (which I highly recommend, by the way).

Girl group f(x) also has songs that evoke the horror and thriller atmosphere.

Who can forget those iconic looks from “Red Light?” I still haven’t gotten over them, and it’s been years.

Dracula” is one of my favorite songs of all time, being thrilling, catchy, and eerie.

Honorable Mentions: Sunmi‘s “Full Moon,” BIGFLO‘s “Obliviate,” Block B‘s “Jackpot,” Gain‘s “Paradise Lost,” Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Sign

Did these songs excite your senses and get you in the Halloween mood? If so, what were your favorite tracks? What songs do you recommend for this month?

Leave your spooky comments and recommendations below!


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