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Stray Kids Embodies Sentimental Mood in ‘I am YOU’ MV Teasers

Stray Kids has released the official MV teasers for their upcoming title track, “I am YOU.”

The first teaser depicts the transition from the group’s previous concept with “My Pace” to a contrasting, mature, and sentimental atmosphere with “I am YOU.”

The second clip takes us deeper into the moody tone, giving us a preview of the song and choreography.

The members revealed details about their album in the first installment of their “I am YOU” documentary series, “Stray Kids [INTRO: I am YOU],” which gives fans a glimpse into the process of their music-making and dance practice, as well as shed light on the experiences and feelings the members had while preparing the album.

I am YOU” is the group’s 3rd mini album and will consist of 8 new tracks: the intro, “YOU.”, title track, “I am YOU,” as well as “편 (My Side),” “해장국 (Hero’s Soup),” “Get Cool,” “극과 (N/S),” “0325,” and “Mixtape #3,” which have official song previews.

Similar to their previous albums, the entire album will be self-made by the group’s powerhouse trio, 3RACHA, which consists of members Bang Chan (CB97), Changbin (SPEARB), and Han (J.ONE).

The intro, “YOU.” will be sung by members Changbin, Hyunjin, and I.N, who also worked together to create the song, while the special CD-only track, “Mixtape #3,” is a collaborative effort from all of the Stray Kids members.

The boys will be performing their new songs for the first time at “UNVEIL [Op. 03 : I am YOU]” at Olympic Park‘s Olympic Hall on October 21, while the album and MV are slated for an official release on October 22.


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