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MONSTA X Releases MV Teaser for ‘Shoot Out’

MONSTA X has released an official MV teaser for their upcoming song, “Shoot Out.”

The teaser features an intense, invigorating sound, and features an overall aesthetic that is reminiscent of the group’s distinct style.

Fans have been anticipating that “Shoot Out” has the potential to top one of the group’s most popular tracks, “Dramarama,” while blending elements seen in their previous tracks, like “Beautiful.”

The song definitely embodies that unique “MONSTA X” feel, reminding me of their rebellious concept with “Trespass” while synthesizing the artistic storytelling of “Beautiful” and the intensity of “Dramarama,” “Shine Forever,” and “All In.”

However, “Shoot Out” sounds like it will be the group’s most exciting release yet and will bring the group to new heights and shed light on more of their charms and talents.

“Shoot Out” will be the title song of MONSTA X‘s 2nd studio-length album, “TAKE.1 <Are You There?>“, which comprises of 10 new songs.

Among those 10 new songs is the studio version of “널하다,” which was performed by members Kihyun, Minhyuk, and Wonho during their latest “The Connect” world tour, and the Korean version of their Japanese single, “Spotlight.”

The members participated in the creation of this album (including with writing lyrics and composing, and arranging), which demonstrates the unique range of talents that the group possesses.



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