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DPR CTYL 2018 World Tour: Coming to You Live [Vancouver Edition]


On September 30th, the DPR gang kicked off their world tour with their first stop in Vancouver, Canada. Despite only debuting in March of 2017, DPR LIVE has been garnering attention since his debut for his amazing sense and creativity in his music. His music is not only described as “real”, “creative”,  and “passionate” but his thoughts and emotions that he clearly wants to showcase, are definitely expressed through his music.

Prior to officially debuting, DPR LIVE had lived the under dog life as he released several tracks for free on SoundCloud before he started to get creative with his DPR crew/members. Starting from the bottom and now working their way up to the music industry, the DPR team sure does live up to their name as DPR is the acronym for ‘Dream Perfect Regime’. With Christian Yu (who was also a former member of idol group C-Clown), as one of their talented members, who can create wonderful and aesthetic cinematic productions, there was no doubt that the DPR gang would be rising to fame soon.


Despite the rainy weather in Vancouver that evening, there were fans lining up around the two sides, waiting to enter. Fans were wrapped around both corners of the blocks, all excited and ready to enjoy the show without having the cold bother them. The doors opened at 7pm, and soon fans began to quickly file in for the show to begin. VIPs were already in the venue, as they got the chance to meet the crew and enjoy their intimate time with the DPR crew. As 8pm hit, fans excitedly let out their cheers that they had been bottling up the entire day (and perhaps even a few days!). DPR LIVE came out onto the stage a little past 8:30pm after a good solid time getting hyped up by the DJ with remixes. DPR LIVE performed majority of his tracks from his most recent mini-albums, “Coming To you Live” and “Her” alongside some other songs, (in no particular order) like  “Cheese & Wine”“Laputa”,“Please”“Playlist”“Action!” and “Martini Blue” as one of his encore songs. There were on occasion where he stopped and chatted to the audience/ to his fans about how amazed and loved he felt from the crowd that night. His words were so genuine and everyone could just see the ambition and passion he had for his DPR crew, members, friends and fans for this journey.


Words cannot describe how genuine and how humble he was throughout the whole concert. DPR LIVE was just so easy-going, making funny jokes, casually speaking to everyone as they were his friend, and the whole entire atmosphere was just so fun and chill. Everyone had an amazing time, fans all sang along with him, and sure hyped him up for his songs, and not to mention, his FAN SERVICE WAS UGH. JUST so w o r t h. He did not hesitate to jump from one side all the way to the other, didn’t miss a corner, didn’t miss nothing. If anything, everyone NEEDS to see him live. His words are both inspirational and motivating. Overall the concert was a 100/10 and we sure had an amazing time & we hope the rest of the remaining stops does as well!




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