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New Group ATEEZ Set To Debut This October


New boygroup ATEEZ have finally revealed plans for their debut on October 24th, 2018. The groups has been teased to fans for months, releasing hours of videos and pictures of the boys as they prepare and go about their training. ATEEZ are under KQ Entertainment and were formerly known as KQ Fellaz before their official group name was revealed. KQ Entertainment is home to many well-known acts, such as Block B and it’s members, Heo Young Saeng, Babylon, EDEN, and Lucy. Block B resides under their sub-label, SEVEN7SEASONS, which exclusively manages their activities. The boys range in age from 1998 to 2001, making them one of the youngest groups to be debuting in 2018.


The 8-member group includes Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. They took part in two pre-debut reality shows. The first was filmed in LA, showing the boys as they practiced their dancing in studio, composed music, and enjoyed the city. The second aired through MNET, featuring more footage of the boys’ training and some of their first stage performances. One of their first pre-debut performance videos to Famous Dex’s Pick It Up (Feat. A$AP Rocky) has also garnered over 1.4 million views, hinting at their growing fanbase and considerable talent. You can also watch parts II and III here.


A full schedule for their debut has been released on their social media in the lead up to the release of their first EP: Treasure EP.1: All to Zero. The release will be marked by concept photos, film teasers, posters and tracklist, as well as two MV teasers before an MV release at 6PM on October 24th, 2018. ATEEZ will be holding their debut showcase at YES24 Livehall on October 24th at 8PM KST.


You can find them on their social media channels: their official homepageVLive, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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