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Be Ready To Rock Out With JJY On His Live U.S. Tour Playlist

If you haven’t already heard, k-band artist Jung Joonyoung and his band Drug Restaurant are taking on the US in their live tour! They have four stops scheduled over ten days in the United States. From October 14 to October 23, JJY will be visiting Chicago, Dallas, San Juan, and New York.

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What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now! If you haven’t already, get hyped for JJY with this playlist!

1. fiancée(피앙세) (feat. Microdot)

Enjoy the romance and passion delivered by JJY’s spring release, ‘fiancée.’ The lyrics are told from the point of view of a man captured by young love. Over the strums of the acoustic guitar, he confesses his feelings to his lover, asking her to marry him. There’s no doubt that JJY’s powerful voice will make you long for the one you love the most.


‘Teenager’ is a catchy track boasting the poignant emotions of a man who yearns for more. It explores the daydreams of a young adult who wishes to escape the confinement of his office walls and fly freely across a stage at his own live concert. His muted, gray world grows colorful when he finally quits his job to pursue his dream. This rock-ballad is a track to nod your head to (and possibly dramatically air-guitar with.)

3. Sympathy (Feat. Suh Youngeun)

‘Sympathy’ is a mellow ballad that illustrates the spontaneity of early love between two troublemakers unbound by social expectations. The infatuation that radiates from these two romantics are the definition of young love and wanderlust. Combined with the strings of the cello and rhythmic piano chords, JJY’s deep and powerful vocals will move you to tears with this song.

4. The Sense of An Ending

Another rock ballad, ‘The Sense of An Ending’ reflects the thoughts and emotions someone might have 10 minutes before a break up. The music video offers a brief window into a couple’s relationship and takes listeners on a journey through their sentiments as JJY serenades with his rough and strong vocal chords.

5. Me and You (ft. Jang Hyejin)

A sweet and soft melody, ‘Me and You’ tells of the end of a relationship. The gentle piano chords walk listeners through the questions and thoughts of the lovers in their messages to each other. JJY’s chemistry with Jang Hyejin creates a beautiful, heartbreaking masterpiece that speaks to the empathy of all audiences.

5. 403 (Drug Restaurant)

Kick it up with the heavy, low bass of ‘403’ by Drug Restaurant. The dark concept undoubtedly takes a turn from JJY’s signature, soft rock ballad style. The dirty bass and electric guitar pairs perfectly with JJY’s low, smooth vocals, creating a mischievous tone and vibe.

6. Her (Drug Restaurant)

‘Her’ is a rock ballad from Drug Restaurant. It is the band’s second ballad released after their first in late 2017. The music video plays with a variety of filters, giving the footage a dated, grunge aesthetic that older rock bands crave.

7. Mistake (Drug Restaurant)

Dive into the fast-tempo, driving electric guitar rhythms with ‘Mistake’ by Drug Restaurant. Diverging from their usual garage band sound, this song gives Drug Restaurant another edge by incorporating electronic instrumentals and synth into the track. Rock out with this upbeat release!

8. Catwoman (Drug Restaurant)

‘Catwoman’ is a melancholy track expressing the emotional pains of the narrator along the staccato notes of plucked guitar strings. The steady bass and drum beats give the song a chilled out vibe that you can slow down and bop to.

9. Drink O2 in the water (Drug Restaurant)

JJY and Drug Restaurant carry that grunge aesthetic, garage band practice feel with ‘Drink O2 in the water.’ The band version of this song brings out the electric and bass sounds behind the back up vocals. If the 90s, early 2000s high-school-band-practice in the garage vibes speak to you, then you will enjoy this track.

10. Ain’t I good to you? (Drug Restaurant)

JJY’s unique voice radiates heartbreak in ‘Ain’t I good to you?’ This song is Drug Restaurant’s first ballad, found in their first album, Pomade. Listen to this track when the day isn’t quite right and the rain is drizzling from cloudy skies.


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