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Stray Kids Provides First Glimpse into Comeback with ‘I Am YOU’

Stray Kids has unveiled the first teasers for their comeback, “I am YOU.”

They have kicked off the buildup of excitement with a batch of group teasers.

The first photo features a brighter, cool tone with a warm filter on the bottom, while the second embodies darker, moodier monochromatic purple hues.

Additionally, the message: “YOU MAKE STRAY KIDS STAY” is the center of both images, emphasizing the unity of Stay and Stray Kids.

The group is coming back on October 22 with their 3rd mini album, “I am YOU.” The album will consist of 8 new, self-made tracks: “YOU.”, “I am YOU” (title track), “편,” “해장국,” “Get Cool,” “극과 극,” “0325,” and “Mixtape #3.”

The intro, “YOU.”, was made and sung by members Changbin, Hyunjin, and I.N, while “Mixtape #3” is a result of all of the member’s collaboration.

The group will perform their new tracks for the first time at the “UNVEIL [Op. 03 : I am YOU]” showcase at Olympic Hall on October 21. Tickets for the showcase range from 11,000 KRW to 33,000 KRW (approx. $11 to $33 USD).

I am YOU” will be the third installment of Stray Kids‘ “I am” series, which began with their debut with “I am NOT” in March and “I am WHO” in August. The group also released a predebut album, “Mixtape,” making “I am YOU” their fourth release of the year.


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