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Stray Kids Unveils Tracklist for ‘I am YOU’ Album

Stray Kids has unveiled the official tracklist for their upcoming 3rd mini album, “I am YOU.”

The album will consist of a total of 8 tracks:

  1. “YOU.”
  2. “I am YOU” (Title)
  3. 해장국
  4. Get Cool
  5. 극과 극
  6. 0325
  7. Mixtape #3


This album’s intro will be by members Changbin, Hyunjin, and I.N, as they are the only remaining three who haven’t sung an intro song. They also personally participated in the composition and writing of the song.

Their debut album, “I am NOT,” had the intro track “NOT!” which was by Bang Chan, Seungmin, and Lee Know, while “WHO?” from 2nd mini, “I am WHO” was sung by Han, Woojin, and Felix.

All of the Stray Kids members come together to write, compose, and arrange the final track on the album, “Mixtape #3,” which is likely to be a Stray Kids rendition of a 3RACHA song.

Like their previous releases, all of their songs are self-made by the group’s resident power trio, 3RACHA: Bang Chan (CB97), SPEARB (Changbin), and J.ONE (Han).

The group will reveal their new songs for the first time at the upcoming “UNVEIL [Op. 03 : I am YOU]” showcase at Olympic Hall on October 21. Tickets for the showcase range from 11,000 KRW to 33,000 KRW (approx. $11 to $33 USD).

I am YOU” will then be officially released on October 22 for the general public.


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