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Stray Kids Reveals ‘I am You’ Album Details

Stray Kids have released official album details for their comeback with “I am YOU.

I am YOU” will be the group’s 3rd mini album, following the release of their debut album in March, “I am NOT,” followed by their most recent mini from August, “I am WHO.”

The album will have 2 versions: “I am,” as well as “YOU,” each with a different cover and photobook contents.

Additionally, each album will come with three random photocards: A Ver. (1 out of 9), B Ver. (1 out of 36), and C Ver. (1 out of 27). This means there will be eight album photocards per member, as there are nine members.

A Ver. will come with a photo QR, while B and C will come with a voice QR.

Each version will also come with its own CD and 3rd page, which will feature 1 out of the 9 members.

JYP Entertainment will be offering perks for preorders of this album. Preorder benefits include a poster (1 out of 3 possible types), 2 different postcard books, and a photocard (1 out of 9 possible types).

The album is slated for a release on October 22, one day after the group’s comeback showcase, “UNVEIL [Op. 03 : I am YOU],” which will take place at Olympic Hall, a venue with a capacity of over 2,000.

I am YOU” will consist of Stray Kids’ self-made tracks and show more of their colors as artists.

What concept do you think the boys will be exploring?



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