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Stray Kids Announces Ticketing Details for ‘UNVEIL [Op. 03 : I am YOU’ Showcase

Stray Kids has revealed details for their upcoming comeback showcase, “UNVEIL [Op. 03 : I am YOU].”

The event will take place at Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall on October 21 at 6PM KST, a day before the album is slated to release.

JYP Entertainment has unveiled the official seating plan for the showcase, dividing the venue into three zones: the floor zones, as well as the 1st (sections B to D) and 2nd (sections A, C, E) floor seating zones.

There will be a main stage, as well as an extended stage that circles in the floor seating zones and reaches the seated areas.


Tickets are 11,000 KRW (approx.$11 USD) for 0th generation fanclub members during the fanclub presale period and 33,000 KRW (approx. $33 USD) for the general sales.

Tickets will be sold through Interpark, which will automatically verify fanclub membership for 0th generation holders.

The ticket purchasing period for fanclub members will begin on October 11 at 8PM KST and last through October 18 at 12AM KST. There will be a limit of 2 tickets per person during this period.

General sales will open October 15 at 8PM KST. A limitation of 4 tickets is placed on each person, including fanclub members.

The showcase will be an avenue for Stray Kids to perform their new tracks for the first time from their upcoming 3rd mini album, “I am YOU.”


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