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Stray Kids Announces Comeback Showcase ‘UNVEIL [Op. 03 : I am YOU]’

A Stray Kids comeback is closer than we expected!

The 9-member boy group will be making their comeback at the end of this month, kicking off their new promotions with the “UNVEIL [Op. 03 : I am YOU]” showcase!

In contrast to the group’s previous showcase image, “I am YOU” has a darker theme, utilizing monochromatic purple and blue tones.


The showcase will take place at Olympic Hall on October 21 at 6PM KST, which has a capacity of over 2,000.

I am YOU” is the third installment of the group’s “I am” series, which began with their debut album, “I am NOT,” followed by their first comeback with “I am WHO” in early August.

Stray Kids is a JYP Entertainment boy group formed through the reality show, “Stray Kids.”  Since their formation in late 2017, the group has released their predebut album, “Mixtape” in early 2018 and followed with a powerful debut with “District 9” in March.

The group then broke milestones with their first comeback track, “My Pace,” which amassed record-breaking views within 24 hours of its release.

The members consist of Bang ChanWoojinLee KnowChangbinHyunjinHanFelixSeungmin, and I.N. The members are known to play large roles in creating their albums (producing, lyric-writing, composition, arrangement), particularly the group’s power trio, 3RACHA: Bang Chan (CB97), Changbin (SPEARB), and Han (J.ONE).

With this upcoming showcase, Stray Kids will reveal more of their artistry and even better tracks!


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