Comebacks, K-Pop

SNUPER Reveals Ethereal Concept Photos for Special Edition

SNUPER has announced their comeback with a special edition album, “.”

In preparation for their comeback, SNUPER has unveiled an official comeback schedule with a cute and lighthearted theme.

There is a squiggly frame, along with colorful block letters of different styles (bold, italicized, stylized, cursive, etc.) spread throughout the image that spell out “SNUPER.”


According to the schedule, SNUPER will release two rounds of concept images on October 2 and 4, along with a trailer video on October 3.

The official MV teaser will drop on October 5 and will precede two concepts photos from the 6th to 7th, while the special edition is slated for a release on October 8.

They have released a full group concept photo, followed by two teasers per member. The photos embody a ethereal, carefree atmosphere, depicting the boys enjoying the outdoors and flying kites.


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