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VAV Become Breathtaking Travelers in Comeback Teasers for ‘Señorita’

VAV has finally begun the highly-anticipated countdown to their comeback!

The boys have revealed that they will be releasing their 5th digital single album, “Señorita,” on October 14.

They have dropped the official “Travel Schedule,” which has the theme reminiscent of a treasure map.

According to the travel schedule, VAV will set sail on their comeback preparations with three sets of concept photos spread of October 2 (“BEGIN”), 4 (“SEEK”), and 6 (“MEET”).

They will then follow up with a “Mood Teaser” on October 7, along with two rounds of MV teasers on October 8 and 11.


VAV will then hold a special offline event on October 14, which will lead into the official single and MV drop on October 15 at 12PM KST.

The boys have already kicked off their adventures with the “BEGIN” concept photo set, which is situated in a sandy environment.

The group first revealed “Señorita” as a special treat to Vampz who attend their U.S. Meet & Live Tour, which was hosted by Studio PAV in August. Fans who attended the show claimed that the track was one of the best they have heard from VAV yet, increasing the anticipation for the eventual drop.

Are you ready to accompany VAV on their adventures?


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