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Kim Donghan Announces Return with 2nd Mini Album ‘D-NIGHT’

Kim Donghan will be making a comeback with his 2nd mini album, “D-NIGHT.”

In contrast to teasers for his debut album, “D-DAY,” the teaser image for “D-NIGHT” features a much darker theme as well as a black and white color palette.

The contrast in images highlights the delineation between the “day” and “night” of his concepts.


In addition to a comeback cover photo, Donghan has also unveiled an official release schedule detailing the plans from October 2 until the album drop on October 17.

The preparations will begin with concept photos on October 4, followed by a tracklist on October 8.

There will then be a lyrics image trailer on the 10th and an ASMR trailer on October 11.


Several other releases will lead up to the official release date of “D-NIGHT,” which is slated for 6PM on October 17.

Kim Donghan is best known for his great run on the second season of “Produce 101,” as well as being a member of the group JBJ. After JBJ‘s disbandment, Donghan released his first album as a solo artist, “D-DAY,” with the catchy dance track, “Sunset.”

His agency expressed for fans to anticipate seeing more of Donghan‘s charms with this comeback, particularly a dandy and sexier side.

With the release of “D-NIGHT” being in the middle of Halloween, along with the overall ominous atmosphere in the teaser images, it’s possible Donghan will be exploring a dark concept.

What concept do you want Donghan to go for?


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