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iKON Releases Lyric Teasers & Album Packaging for Comeback

iKon are taking a brief break from their tour and festival schedules to come back with “New Kids: The Final” this fall. “Goodbye Road” is set to be released on October 1st, 2018. iKon have released three lyric narration videos which you can watch online on their social media channels (video one, two, and three).

iKon have also released album packaging details, keeping in line with their previous style of design. There will be a “Redout” and a “Blackout” version of the albums, which feature a jewel-case with the usual added items such as member photo-cards and posters, as well as a special sticker set. The offline release for the album will be on October 4th, 2018, three days after the release of the title track.

The title track is composed by members B.I. and Bobby along with YG’s Bekuh BOOM, and arranged by Future Bounce. The track features lyrics by B.I. and Bobby, as is the group’s trademark. Fans are currently vying for tickets for their “Continue” tour in Asia alongside overseas fansigning events, which launched in Seoul this past August. The YG Entertainment boygroup, formed after the survival shows WIN: Who is Next and Mix and Match debuted in 2015 with seven-members in the final lineup. The group recently topped the charts with the widely successful “Love Scenario” which dominated charts for the first half of 2018 off their album “Return”. Following their comeback in early 2018, the group returned with “New Kids: Continue” and the title track “Killing Me“. Both “Return” and “New Kids: Continue” peaked at second on Korean charts and fourth on the Billboard World Album charts. Member Bobby has also released music in the sub-unit MOBB with YG label-mate Mino from WINNER in 2016, followed by a debut solo album “Love and Fall” in September of 2017.


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