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THE BOYZ Reveals Hanbok Choreography Version of ‘Right Here’

THE BOYZ have released a special Chuseok version of “Right Here,” where they dance wearing traditional Korean hanbok!

The members wear hanbok of varying colors, from purple to violet, blue, and pink. During the choreography video, many of them assume traditional Chuseok poses, such as bowing.

The choreography is just as cute and playful as it looks, showcasing their antics and endearing charms. You can tell that all of them are having a lot of fun with it!

In addition to the hanbok version of “Right Here,” the boys have also revealed their own two-episode Chuseok special series, which features them playing hilarious games with one another.

They have also revealed an official performance version of “Right Here,” along with behind the scenes clips from their filming set.

The 12-member boy group recently dropped their first single album, “THE SPHERE,” which consists of three tracks: “Right Here,” “KeePer,” and “L.O.U.”


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