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Artist Spotlight: All About Hoody

If you know anything about K-Pop-adjacent music (K-R&B, K-Hip-Hop, etc.), you probably know an artist by the name of Hoody. Whether you listen to her solo music or just know her as a feature on countless songs, it’s time to learn more about this amazing singer/songwriter and first female member of the label AOMG.

Quick Hoody Stats:

Real Name: Kim Hyun-Jung

Birth Date: February 10, 1990

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Twitter & Instagram: @hoodykim

How did Hoody get her start?

In 2013, Hoody joined the all-female underground hip-hop crew Amourette (AMRT) alongside KittiB, Nieah, and SERI. She also opened for American artist Kelela around the time at her Seoul and Japan tour stops, who was so impressed that the two have since collaborated on songs together. Her first solo single “My Ride” was released in September 2013.

How did she end up in AOMG?

As most know, AOMG is a label founded in 2013 by Jay Park and Simon D. Hoody joined the group in 2015 due to Jay Park’s recommendation, making her the first (and currently only) female member. Her first contribution was a feature on Jay’s track “Solo” from his 2016 album Everything You Wanted. Since then, she has enjoyed the agency to write and arrange her own music, as well as collaborate on tracks with other members of AOMG. Just months after the release of Everything You Wanted came Hoody’s first album and solo project with AOMG, On & On.

Why is her name Hoody?

Funny enough, Hoody was in a different hip-hop group in college alongside Ja Mezz of Show Me the Money fame. He encouraged her to pick a rap name, and she chose “Hoody” simply because she wore a lot of hoodies at the time.

Which tracks should I start with to get into Hoody’s music?

Below are some of my favorite Hoody solo tracks or features that will make anyone fall in love with her!

  • Hoody – “Hangang” (Single, 2017)

  • Hoody – Why (feat. George) (Single, 2018)

  • Jay Park – Solo (feat. Hoody) (Everything You Wanted, 2016)

  • Loco – Da Da Da (feat. Hoody) (Bleached, 2017)


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