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Amber Announces North American Tour

Amber Liu of SM Entertainment’s group f(x) has announced an upcoming North American tour. While the group has been on a hiatus, Amber has been busy writing and producing her own music, as well as filming her own videos. The Taiwanese-American singer and rapper first debuted as a soloist in 2015 with her EP “Beautiful” and most recently released two tracks that she will be performing on her tour. Earlier this year she came back with her group-mate Luna on the 2018 track “Lower”. Amber also released an English mixtape on Soundcloud titled “Rogue Rouge” which featured six tracks and one music video for “Closed Doors”. She will be joined by artist Justin Park as a special guest.

DngDue8UcAA0rtS-1.jpgAmber will be visiting:

  • December 5 – Chicago
  • December 7 – Washington D.C.
  • December 8 – Toronto
  • December 9 – New York
  • December 13 – Los Angeles
  • December 14 – San Fransisco

You can find more info here!

Amber is signed with Steel Wool Entertainment for her work in the US, and remains with SM for her Korean activities. A pre-sale code is also available:


“White Noise” is a dreamy synth-pop track in English with a lamenting, wistful tone as Amber sings about wandering, leaving, and being true to oneself as she says that “I’m telling you, don’t lose your way home”.

The video for the song, released on SM’s official channels, shows Amber walking through various landscapes with a suitcase in hand. “Lost At Sea” is also available now on all major music services and you can watch the video here.


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