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THE BOYZ Drops Dance Practice for Cover of BTS’ ‘Boy in Luv’

THE BOYZ has released the official dance practice video for their cover of BTS‘ hit track, “Boy in Luv.”

The cover unit consists of members Q, Jacob, Juyeon, Hwall, Sunwoo, Ju Haknyeon, and Eric. The cover features the perfect substitution of voices, especially Haknyeon singing Jimin‘s parts and Sunwoo with J-Hope‘s rap.

They also do a great job with the choreography, pulling it off with a lot of charisma.

The group performed this cover at the Korean Music Festival, wowing the audience with their crisp moves and intense gazes.

This isn’t the first time the group has danced to “Boy in Luv,” as Juyeon and Haknyeon have danced to it during their “Come On! The Boyz” show. Member Hwall is also known to be a big fan of BTS.

THE BOYZ has officially covered many other artists in the past, including EXO, TWICE, and KARA, releasing their inner fanboys and giving impressive tributes to their seniors.

The 12-member boy group is currently promoting their first single album, “The Sphere,” with the exciting and upbeat title song, “Right Here.”

Just released was the official performance version for “Right Here,” as well as the behinds from their jacket shooting and MV sets.


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