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Dreamcatcher Gets Dark and Mysterious in Spoilers for ‘What’

The girls of Dreamcatcher get dark and mysterious in new spoilers for their comeback MV, “What.”

In accordance to their comeback promotion schedule, they have unveiled a dance spoiler as well as an MV teaser.

The dance spoiler appears to show the opening of the song, which spoils 34 seconds of the choreography!

The set, which has lights that make the room feel underwater, adds to the mysterious intensity of the track.

The MV teaser explores more of this comeback’s concept, which hints at disarray, darkness, solitude, and nightmares.

It opens with Yoohyeon asleep in bed, then follows with more imagery that enriches the existing tension in the song, which has both rock and lullaby elements in it.

The teaser concludes with an eerie twist, as horror is a signature quality of Dreamcatcher‘s brand.

The girls will be dropping their 3rd mini album, “Alone In The City,” on September 20, along with the MV for title track, “What.”

The album consists of 5 new songs: “Intro,” “What,” “Wonderland,” “Trap,” and “July 7th,” each with its own unique sounds.

Dreamcatcher will be performing these new tracks for the first time at their showcase on September 20 at 9PM.


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