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WJSN Brings Us Into World of Dreams in Comeback Trailers

WJSN (Cosmic Girls) is coming back with more of their magical intrigue!

The group intensified the excitement for their comeback with a “Secret Film” trailer for their album, which provides a glimpse into the concept the girls will be exploring this time.

The film is narrated in English with Korean subtitles and follows the girls through a cinematic, mystical intrigue.

One of the recurring themes for WJSN‘s releases is magic and dreams, and the narration describes “carriers,” “collectors,” and “creators” of dreams.

The instrumental, visual effects, scenes, and stunning aesthetics enrich the magical atmosphere and lead us into a world of fairytales.

In addition to the Secret Film, WJSN followed up with an MV teaser for title song, “Save Me, Save You.”

The teaser guides us deeper into WJSN‘s dream-like world, depicting the members running under the cosmos, gathered in a classroom and clutching what appear to be spellbooks.

The concept appears to be a continuation of their last release, “Dreams Come True,” which followed the girls on their magical journey to discover their purpose and one another.

The group is releasing their new album, “WJ Please?” on September 19, along with the MV for “Save Me, Save You.”

According to the tracklist, the album will consist of 6 tracks: “Save Me, save You,” “You, You, You,” “I-Yah,” “Masquerade,” Hurry Up,” and “You & I.”


Are you ready to enter the world of dreams?


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